Step by Step Nipple Cover/Pasties Tutorial! by Elle Revel

Hey fellow Makers, let me introduce myself – I’m Elle Revel aka Miss Snelgrove, I’m a performer and prolific maker. You can catch my shows at Lord Muck’s Nasty Grind at The Grosvenor, Sidney Rd. Stockwell (see for the next show) or Punkvert’s Subterfuge at The Inn on The Green, 3-5 Thorpe Rd, Portabello (next show 19th March).

For this post I’m keen to show you how easily you can make your own nipple covers.  I chose a panda motif but you can use any shape you want-think outside the box!

You will need:

  • a sewing machine (not entirely necessary but it finishes the covers off nicely)
  • some fabric of medium thickness: preferably eye catching, bright or shiny, for my design I’m using two sorts of fabric
  • thicker backing fabric
  • co-ordinating thread
  • a gluegun
  • two small clamps/paperclips/pegs
  • silver foil
  • scissors
  • a craft knife
  • a ruler
  • a compass
  • pencil/pen
  • tailors chalk/white pencil
  • PVA glue
  • pins
  • Hairdryer (optional)

To begin chose a design. You could either draw your own or source the internet. Photocopy your selection (you never know when you might need the original) this will also enable you to reduce or enlarge your design, you are aiming for a size that covers your nipples. Then cut it out.

Take your image and fold it in two horizontally. Using the compass and ruler measure a gap of 1.5cm straight down the line. You’ll now need to adjust your image accordingly to accomodate the gap . You now have a template.

I am using three different fabrics; a silver, a black and a backing fabric. For this stage you will need two squares of each fabric, a total of six so layer up all thedesired fabric and place your template on top in the centre, pin if necessary to stop the layers moving. Using the scissors cut out a square, you now have six  squares.

Next take the backing fabric squares and the next layer (mine is the black fabric) and using PVA glue stick the black on top of the backing fabric. Use the silverfoil as a base for this as it won’t stick to the fabric. Fold the foil around the fabric and smooth the pieces together using the ruler. You’ll need to uncover this foil‘package’ and wipe away any excess glue, fold it up again and leave on a high shelf to dry, these took a day and a half to dry! If you are in a hurry you could speed things up by using a hairdryer.

Once this section is completely dry place your template on top, and using the tailors chalk or white pencil mark around it. Then using the scissors cut around leaving a small seam allowance edge (a small gap all around the marking, just in case!).

For the next layer I adjusted my template by cutting off sections. For the smaller cutting use the craft knife.

I then placed the template onto my next layer, the silver fabric squares. Pin the template down to stop it moving, cut out the two pieces again using a small seam allowance.

Using the same technique as before stick this layer on top of the last, then leave to dry.

Trim off any overhanging fabric from around the edges.

Now set your sewing machine to a medium zigzag stitch and outline the covers, securing all the edges with coordinating threads.

For my covers I had some details that I added, eyes and mouths, for this I set my sewing machine to a straight fine stitch.

Now stick the two sides of the covers together using the gluegun so that they are conical, secure with the clamps/paper clips/pegs.

Leave to dry then Voila! Custom-made-unique-simply-fabulous nipple covers! Hoorah! Now all you need is some tit tape…


And now for an action photo-The Legendary AcidPanda of Anarchistwood modelling said Panda nipple covers, image courtesy of Bonnie Baker!! Big thank you girls xx

2 thoughts on “Step by Step Nipple Cover/Pasties Tutorial! by Elle Revel

  1. Amazing, isn’t it. Wonderful to see how it all comes together, and that one can actually attempt this kind of thing at home. The final product looks great indeed!


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