Elle Revel’s Mexican Wrestler Mask Tutorial!!

Hi it’s Elle Revel again! I hope you’re all wearing your nipple covers from February’s tutorial?! Last month, between making my costume and performing my Booby Job performance at both Lord Muck’s Nasty Grind, at The Grosvenor Stockwell and Punkvert’s Subterfuge at The Inn on the Green Ladbroke Grove, I’ve taken the time to make a Mexican wrestling mask, want to see how I did it?

If you’re up for the challenge you will need:

♥ Approx ¾ a metre of fancy, shiny fabric
♥ Contrasting fabric for decoration
♥ Backing fabric
♥ Padding
♥ Approx 15cm of Velcro
♥ Ruler
♥ Paper for a pattern
♥ Tape measure
♥ Pins
♥ Scissors
♥ Sewing machine
♥ Co-ordinating thread
♥ A tight fitting hoody of your size
♥ A glamorous assistant (optional)

1) Using the tape measure take some measurements from your forehead to the back of your head. Then measure from left to right at the top of your head. Measure the circumference of your head around your eyes. Measure the top of your head down to your chin.

2) Taking the first measurements from the top of your head make a pattern.
Lay your backing fabric, then a layer of padding and next your chosen fabric on top now pin your paper pattern to the top of these three.

3) Divide the measurement from around your head in two, mine was 22 so I use 11 inches as my measurement, using this measurement and the measurement from the top of your head to below your chin, mark these out on a piece of paper. To create the shape of your mask place your hoody on top of the paper and draw around. Fold the hoody over to get the shape for the front section. Again sandwich the padding between the backing and top fabrics, pin paper pattern on top. You will need to cut two pieces from this pattern.

4) Cut around each pattern, remembering to leave a seam allowance. Remove the paper patterns then sew around the edges of each piece to secure all the fabrics together.

5) Measure from your cheek to above your eyebrow, then diagonally from the inside of your nose to the corner of your forehead. Take these measurements and use them to create an eye decoration pattern with the paper. I then measured across my forehead from between my eyebrows to the back of my head stopping after my ear and repeated the pattern process as before to create another decoration. You could add whatever decoration you like; beards, eyebrows and crucifixes seem to be typical on wrestling masks.

When cutting these decorations remember to cut two pieces from each pattern for each side of your mask, and also that they should be mirror images of each other.

6) Pin the sides of your mask to the top section, put it over your head then mark out your eyes, nose and mouth as best you can, this is where your glamorous assistant could come in handy!

7) Unpin the sides from the top section and pin your eye, nose, mouth and any other decorations to the side sections. I use a zigzag stitch, as I believe it’s the strongest and is the most flexible.

8) Once you have sewn the decorative eye, nose and mouthpieces on to both sides of your mask’s side sections carefully cut out the middle parts of each.

9) Turn your two side sections so the undersides are facing up then pin them together from the bottom to just above the eye decorations, securing the two side sections together.
You can now sew up the front of your mask.

10) Turn your mask right side out, try it on, now turn it inside out again and pin the top piece of your mask in between your two side sections. Turn it right side out again; try it on to check it fits. You can now sew the top section between the two side sections that are already joined. Turn the mask inside out again and trim off excess fabric and padding where necessary from around the top section.

11) Continue to modify your mask so it is tailor made to your head. You may need to trim the eye, nose and mouth decorations so the mask is a better fit.

12) Now its time to attach your Velcro to the back of your mask. Sew the ‘sticky’ side to the underside of the back seam of your mask on the left hand side; I used a small straight stitch to fit along the small edge Velcro has to enable it to be sewn on.
I then sewed the ‘fluffy’ side to the top of the right hand side (the patterned side) of the back seam of my mask, creating a fold over flap at the back of the mask.

13) Give your mask a good once over, checking that there aren’t any loose seams or padding hanging out that you may have overlooked.
And you should be good to go, happy wrestling!
Be careful when putting on your mask and removing it, that you don’t catch your hair in the velcro. This shouldn’t happen if you carefully hold the flaps back.

My next performance will be at Lord Muck’s Nasty Grind on Saturday 30th April at The Grosvenor, Sidney Rd. Stockwell, bring your confetti!! And I’ll be expecting a wrestling-mask-adorned audience, shaking their nipple covers at me naturally, until next time xxx

4 thoughts on “Elle Revel’s Mexican Wrestler Mask Tutorial!!

    1. hey,
      I used a backing fabric I had hanging about, just a thin satin-style fabric. Also after using this mask I realised that it would have been better to use a lace up section to tie it at the back of the head, as opposed to a velcro fastening which kept catching in my hair! Ouch! Sorry people!


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