Picnic in the park

To celebrate the successful soft launch of Makerhood Brixton last week, more than a dozen members of the Makerhood team, makers and their friends gathered for a picnic in Brockwell Park. Unlike last weekend (and most of the summer so far), the weather was kind – an emergency supply of sunscreen had to be delivered!

After the drinking and eating (including delicious cupcakes from Carly of Picakes), the spirit of competition reared its head during the Viking game. The rules are too complicated to explain here (or even there), but it involves two teams throwing wooden sticks at wooden blocks.

A good time was had by all, though as the game went on (and on) we started to see why the Vikings decided to move on to pillaging and looting for a change of scene… πŸ™‚

If you couldn’t make the picnic, don’t forget the next get-together at the Dogstar on Thursday at 7pm!


2 thoughts on “Picnic in the park

  1. sadly had a prior picnic booked this weekend and away at the cambridge folk festival this thursday. however should be able to make the last thursday in august. a bit of social after all the hard work from the team setting things up much, much deserved i am certain!


    1. Hi Josie,
      It was a lot of fun indeed, and good to relax after all the hard work…gearing up for “full launch” now in September, woo.

      We missed you!

      You totally pre-guessed what I was going to suggest about monthly meet-ups, to be the last Thursday of every month! Will be great to see you in August πŸ™‚

      Have fun at the festival!



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