Makerhood round-up: new makers, markets, 6 October Social, what’s next?

Our first newsletter is out! It gives a round-up of what’s going on on the project, new makers, events, offers and asks.

Is it really only two months since, a new website designed to help people in and around Brixton to find locally-made goods, came to life? It seems much longer –  especially as there are now 37 stalls and more than 300 local items for sale, from T-shirts and tea cosies to prints, purses and pottery, to refurbished PCs!

Spreading the word

There’s been quite a buzz about Makerhood, which is fantastic – lots of great feedback on Twitter, and pieces in SE22 Magazine and online on UK Handmade, Handmade-Crafts, and Brixton Blog. Our involvement in Make It Grow It Sell It was also picked up by the South London Press, Lambeth Weekender and others.

Thanks to everyone who’s helping to spread the word. It’s really important in these early stages to establish trust with local users  – so please continue to help! You can:

  • Provide a link to Makerhood from your website, blog and Facebook page
  • Tweet or post a Facebook status update with a link when you see an item or workshop you like
  • Tell your friends, family and neighbours about the project – word-of-mouth recommendations are really powerful for building trust.

Out and about

Despite the rain, we met many of you at the numerous events we attended around Brixton over the summer. These included stalls at the Urban Art Fair, the new Make It Grow It Sell It market and the Windmill Festival, and workshops at the SW Craft Summer Pop-Up Event and Lambeth Country Show.

Some of you may also have taken part in classes run by Viv Moriarty and Elena Blanco of  Dreamy me Brixton at the Crafty Fox market on 1 September.

We’ll be having another stall at the next Make It Grow It Sell It market on 8 October, so come  and meet some of Makerhood makers in person and say hello!

What’s happening on

Since the website went live on 16 July we’ve made several improvements, based on your feedback. For example, you can now click on an pictire of a good to see the original image size, you can sort goods by price and date. You can also see a list of public profiles (we now have around 250 users but not all of them create public profiles) and tweet and share a link from the bottom of every page.

Our intrepid developer Andy will be working to simplify the check-out process over the coming weeks. And we’re also thinking about redesigning the home page to show a wider range of goods and explain more what Makerhood is about.

We will then be looking at the next phase: what improvements to make, what features to introduce? Please help us decide by filling in a short survey short survey. Not only will you help to improve the website, you will also get a chance to win a £20 Brixton Cornercopia voucher! Please do spend a few minutes on it, your input will be very much appreciated.

Makerhood Social on 6 October – come along!

We’ve had several social events over the summer, including a picnic in Brockwell Park and drinks in the Dogstar. These informal get-togethers seem to be very popular, so we’re planning more!

Our next social is on 6 October at the Dogstar. It won’t just be drinking this time.

We’re going to make stuff. Some of you suggested that we bring knitting, sketching or whatever our projects are, so we can all have a bit of fun and learn about each other’s work. We’ll  ask some of our makers to share a few tricks of their trade.

We will also talk about the project, and share ideas about future directions.

It’s very informal, and you don’t need any experience – everyone is welcome to join!

And finally

As you know, Makerhood is run entirely by volunteers – we all make the project what it is, and we have day jobs as well! You’re welcome to join us, whatever your skills. In particular, we’re currently looking for help with

  • co-ordinating events and exhibitions,
  • looking after the Workshops section on the site
  • fundraising,
  • helping administer the site as a “power user”

If you’d like to get involved, please email us on


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