Making a business out of making: video highlights

At the end of last year we held the first Local Makers Forum, entitled “Making a business out of making” for artists, crafters, designers and food makers. It was a chance to talk about challenges and opportunities, and hear from a great panel with a lot of experience. We covered a broad range of issues, from product decisions, to marketing and sales, social and physical networking and legal considerations.

So at we all start 2012 with new ideas and energy, we wanted to share the highlights with you.  The videos were taken by chance as one of our lovely attendees had a camera along, and will hopefully be a useful resource for those who could not come, and a refresher for those who did.

Introduction by Alison Branagan, consultant for creative industries: Do’s and Don’ts when starting a business, including networking, marketing, cost and income streams, and practicalities such as law and accounting.

Mo Bacchus, a high-end handbag designer: tips on pursuing a making or design business – high and low points, and what to focus on.

Sinead Koehler, jeweller and founder of  The Crafty Fox Pop Up Market: how to get selected for popular markets, plus advice on marketing, presentation and product mix.

Anne Fairbrother, founder of the Brixton CornerCopia: how local food makers can compete – ideas for success from Anne’s experience of running a local food shop and restaurant.

Tim Sutton, portrait painter and founder of the Urban Art Fair & Lambeth Open, reflects on art and trade fairs: how to find the right ones and get the best out of participation

Big thank you to our panelists for sharing their knowledge and experience so generously!


One thought on “Making a business out of making: video highlights

  1. What a marvellous website. Great to have access to other ideas from across the world, thanks for sharing your insight and experience. Brindle Style is a regional Australian artists forum, your work is very inspiring as we figure out ways to empower local people and to reinvent /reinvigorate local small business which has been decimated by globalism.
    I look forward to watching these videos… and making some of our own.

    Yours sincerely, Maiia


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