Pixel perfect: product photography workshop

Local photographer Adrian Flower will show you how to get people hooked with your images

No matter how beautiful the items you make, if your website photos are poorly lit, too far away or not in focus, you’re not going to sell much online. If people can’t handle your pieces before buying, you need great photos to entice them to buy.

And if you (or we) want to publicise your goods to magazines, newspapers and other websites, they will want excellent images. This photography forum will focus on how to take great product shots without fancy gear such as studio lights and flashy cameras.

Local photographer Adrian Flower will:

  • demonstrate how you can achieve great images with a compact camera and basic equipment, whether you’re shooting food, jewellery, clothes or artwork.
  • show you how to use reflected light, the importance of the background, and how to take close-up details
  • cover the basics of editing your photos with free software that’s widely available.

If you want to go further and take some shots of your own products in Adrian’s studio, you’ll also have the chance to sign up for some hands-on workshops in smaller groups, at a special Makerhood discount.

The workshop will take place on Saturday 25 February, 10am – midday, and costs £15. There are 20 places available – for more information and to book your ticket, go to EventBrite.

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