Curation by Stella Duffy

We’re delighted to announce that acclaimed local author and playwright  Stella Duffy is our latest curator, choosing her five favourite items from the Makerhood website.

For almost 15 years Stella has lived in Loughborough Junction, where her Orange-prize longlisted novel The Room of Lost Things is set. She has written 13 novels, 10 plays, many short stories, and also performs and directs theatre, most recently TaniwhaThames, also local, at Oval House.

Her favourite Brixton shop is Italian gelateria Lab G (even in winter), closely followed by Etta’s Seafood Kitchen, though not usually in that order. Stella also hosts the Up the Junction literary-and-short-film salons at Whirled Cinema, and is a member of the SGI Buddhist organisation, practising in her local district in Brixton. She is hugely looking forward to Brockwell Lido re-opening for 2012.

So what did Stella pick? Here are her choices:

“Marbled chocolate caramel on the Picakes page (actually, most things on the Picakes page).”

Roast red pepper ketchup from Cornercopia – I like spicy and yummy things, and this would appear to be both.”

Trip Stylist’s guided walks of London – because I like walking and I love London”

“The gorgeous Bettie Brazen bunting – because if we must celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, we could at least do it with style. ”

Cornercopia hamper – yay, they’ve already packed it!”

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