Come and join the gang!

Last month we set up some working groups made up of makers, making
enthusiasts and locals – to open up the running of the Makerhood
project to anyone who wants to get involved.

Our next meeting is on 23 May at the Dogstar. We are all volunteers
inspired by the idea of making a difference to our community and our
environment, and to help local talent thrive and be appreciated
locally. If you want to be part of the gang, come and join us.

Together, we organise markets, events and workshops, participate in
exhibitions and fairs, maintain and develop the website,
do PR and social media for the project… The list is long, but it’s
all good fun, with a diverse group of contributors who are becoming
great friends too.

You are welcome to get involved in any capacity, however little or
much time you have. There’s plenty to do, and we’re a very open and
democratic bunch. The only requirement is that you should live in Brixton,
Camberwell, Clapham, Herne Hill, Loughborough Junction or Stockwell.

It’s an exciting time for the project as we are growing, and it would
be lovely to have more local people running it together with us.

If you’re interested in coming, sign up on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you!


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