Uncover making! 20 April at Brixton East Gallery


To createToday we announce Making Uncovered. We’ve been working on the event for a few months and could hardly contain the excitement. It’s great to be able to invite you all to it!

Making Uncovered was conceived by a group of Brixton makers as a way to share their art and craft with the broader public. When we buy handmade – which we all increasingly do and which is wonderful – we rarely appreciate the talent, the love, the time and the skill that goes into the process of creating objects by hand. We thought it was time to take the next step – from promoting makers’ work to showcasing their practices, ways of working, and their passion.


The event on Saturday 20 April brings together 17 different art and craft disciplines. In art, we’ll have painting and drawing, screen printing and letter-pressing, and aboriginal art techniques that have travelled to Brixton all the way from Australia. In textiles, we are showing felting, African accessory-making, affirmative applique, knitting, crochet, and how to make cushions, bow ties and handbags.

Perhaps more unusual to the city dweller are the two traditional woodworking crafts on show: willow-weaving and green woodworking. For the body, we’ll look at how to make shower scrubs and soaps. For the soul, we’ll build a community map, and look at how we make meaning in our lives using images.

Demonstrations will take place from 11am till 6pm, and many stalls will have drop-in sessions where you can ask questions, and have a go at trying something yourself. They are free to attend, and everyone is welcome. We will also have several longer workshops which need to be pre-booked and offer a more in-depth opportunity for learning crafts like wood-working, aboriginal art and soap making – and more.

At 6pm, the wise heads at the Thought Menu will join us for an hour of reflection and talks in a warm atmosphere, over some food. We’re delighted to host their first south London outing. The topic this time is, inevitably, “making”.

In the evening, we’ll have a wonderful programme of music, comedy, improv and dance –  started off by south London’s 24 strong pop-up choir! It’s a chance to meet new people, relax after a long day over a few drinks, and enjoy fantastic performances in Brixton’s most beautiful gallery.

Making Uncovered goes on from 11am to 11pm, entry is free, and you can drop in any time, for as long as you like. The venue is 5 minutes walk from Brixton Tube.

To book your free ticket, go to our Eventbrite page. For all details about the event, go to www.makinguncovered.com.

A big thank you also goes to our supporters – Diverse gifts shop, WBC and Brixton Market– who have helped make this event a reality.

We look forward to seeing you there!

2012-07-30 22.52.58

Images by Maggie Winnal from Sewin Studio and Rachel Stanners from Prickle Press. The event flyer is by Elena Blanco from DreamyMe.


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