Making images, making meaning

Andry Anastasiou is an experienced local coach and workshop facilitator. One of her methods is to use ‘mind-mapping’ to explore and develop individual creativity.


At Making Uncovered Andry will be creating a giant community mind map, where visitors will be able to write a few words about their experience of the event and what they took from it. She will also be running workshops creating individual mind maps with participants.

What are mind maps and how do they work?

Mind-maps use colour, words, images and visual branches. By mirroring the natural way our brain works, by making connections between lots of different ideas, they are really great way to get you thinking creatively; apparently They can also stimulate you to remember more things in more detail, so they are a fantastic learning tool.


 How did you discover this technique and how do you use it?

I discovered visual mapping about 15 years ago. I loved the way I could take a really complicated topic and map it out using words and images. It made things simpler and more understandable. And as I could include my own images and lots of colours I loved the creativity. I found so many benefits from visual mapping, using wheels of life, timeliness and mind maps. After visual mapping, I feel more skilled and resourceful; I can easily plan a course or project and I identify priorities with ease.

I use timelines, wheels of life and mind maps nearly everyday. I take my box of colours and a sheet of paper and I pick a topic to map a timeline or wheel. It could be planning my gardening cycle or organising an event or budgeting.  I’ve discovered that I can map visually and I am creative even though I can’t draw well!

Why are you taking part in Making Uncovered?

I’m taking part in the event because I want to let more people locally know about my workshops my coaching and the creative use of visual mapping. I really wanted to be more involved in local community work and local community events.

What will you be teaching?

In the workshop, people will learn about the benefits of visual mapping, and they’ll create their own large creative visual image;   either a mind map, timeline or wheel of life. We will use colour spontaneous imagery and  discussion to help  each person create meaningful images.

I hope that people will begin to see that mind mapping timelines and wheel of life can be done by anybody, with 20 minutes to spare and the topic they want to uncover,  focus on or  unravel.



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