Making Uncovered: the film

Many of you who came to Making Uncovered in April said it was a special day – a community gathering to celebrate creativity and talent, full of laughter, beauty, and good cheer. It certainly felt like one of a kind – an event that would be hard to capture on film.

Yet Ray McFarlane and his team managed to do just that. Volunteering their time generously in the run up, during, and after the event, the made a beautiful 5 minute short that relays the day’s events and Makerhood’s spirit perfectly. We’re immensely grateful for this gift to the project. Have a look – it makes us smile every time.

RayRay McFarlane, the producer and director of the short film, is a Brixton-based film maker who trained at the Royal College of Art. His work ranges from short films to feature length documentaries. If you are interested in speaking with Ray about working together, you can contact him via his VMEO page or email

Thank you, once again, to everyone who made the event possible, including Andrew Clarke, Andry Anastasiou, Aneta Srodon, Anish Mohammed, Anita Thorpe, Anne-Marie Glover, Bay Dodd, Ben Vickers, Ben Willis, Andy Luckett, Bobby Stearns, Camila Cabral, Chloe Masson, Chloe Morais, Elena Blanco, Fiona Douglas, Francesa Ponzini, Gaia Marcus,Hannah Lewis, Huma Farooqui, Imogen Paton, James Hayward, Jane Ruby, Jayne Rutland, Jo Buchanan, Jo Chevalier, John Gordon, Karen Martin, Kaylene Alder, Kelly Angood, Kerry Eggleton, Kieron Kirkland, Kim Winter, Jay Springett, Lucy Hodge, Lydia Musima, Maggie Winall, Maya Kar, Mehul Damani, Pam Williams, Paul Cronk, Preethi Sundaram, Rachel Stanners, Ray Stanbrook, Rupert Gowar-Cliffe, Sarah Lovett, Seke Chimutengwende, Silja Haddal Mork, Simon Demissie, Stuart Horwood, Susannah Walden, Tim Sutton, Tom Grimsey, Bethia Beadman, and everyone at Librarians Wanted and The Pop-Up Choir!

Ray team smaller


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