Announcing our survey winner…. It’s überbaby Zoë!

You may remember that we run a survey a few weeks ago. It came with a prize draw… and we’re very happy to announce the lucky winner! It is Zoë Chan – a graphic designer from Clapham. Zoë won a hamper full of delicious locally-made food from Brixton Cornercopia, worth £50! We caught up with Zoë at Brixton Cornercopia, where she received the hamper from Anne Fairbrother, the local food venture’s co-founder. 

photo (3)
Zoë and Anne in the Brixton Cornercopia shop

What do you make?

“I’m actually a graphic designer that specialises in vintage design (, but right now I’m in the planning stages of side-stepping into creating designs for the gift market, typically artwork for prints, cards, and other items upon which I can display my work. Again it’ll typically incorporate vintage typography and lettering. I hope it all works out!”

How did you first hear about Makerhood?
“I was looking for info and advice in moving into the designer-maker area and stumbled across Makerhood through Twitter! And I’m very glad I did, it’s such a lovely group with lots of valuable and interesting talks and support.”

What’s your favourite bit of the hamper you won?
“I have a special penchant for the Brixton beer 😉 – but also love the Brixton Market Chutney and the Bad Boys Bakery yummies equally! Thanks Cornercopia!”

Here’s a picture of the hamper with many tasty things, including three types of Brixton-made beer, Lucy’s lemon zest dressing made in Clapham, Ossie’s ginger beer, coffee roasted by a man called Jack in Camberwell, Brixton Market Chutney (made from plantains bought at the market), orange cumin pepper jelly made in Streatham, cakes from the Bad Boys Bakery in Brixton Prizon and more!


If you’d like your own local food hamper for Christmas, you can order it in Cornercopia’s online shop. These make lovely presents, too!


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