Make Your Own Christmas: meet the makers (part 2)

In the last of our blog posts about our Make Your Own Christmas party this Sunday, we speak to two of our makers who will be helping you get into the season spirit.

Elena Blanco, artist and illustrator

Why did you get involved with the Christmas party and what activity are you doing?
I love the Makerhood Christmas Party. This party really brings out what Makerhood is about: sharing, learning new skills, having a good time and of course making! All these elements are really important to us and having a good time is too, so we always have amazing performances and a real party feeling. It is also an opportunity to meet new people in our community, to network and to catch up with old friends.

What are you looking forward to on the day?
To everything really, but mainly to meeting people and catching up with old friends. It’s such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. At the event I will be making cards, mainly using recycled materials so it is really the opposite to the consumeristic Christmas idea. I hope I will be able to inspire people into creating amazing things!

Fiona Douglas, seamstress, teacher and founder, Oh Sew Brixton


Why did you get involved with the Christmas party and what activity are you doing?
I have lots of scraps of beautiful fabrics leftover from my sewing classes and this a great chance to get people to use their creativity and recycle them into cards.  I will have machines for a bit of machine embroidery, needles and thread for hand embroidery (but no glue because that’s cheating…)

What are you looking forward to on the day
I’ve been to one of the Makerhood Christmas dos before and the improvised panto was hilarious! Hopefully being in charge of a workshop means I get out of actually participating…

If you’d like to join us for a few hours of making, live music and improv on Sunday, please register on Eventbrite: 

Below: some of our team making decorations earlier this week to make the Dogstar pretty on Sunday

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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