Makers’ Club January 2014: Looking back, going forward

Happy new year everyone! So here we are with 2014 stretched out in front of us like a snowy field, all pristine, unmarked and ready for us to play in. It seems natural at this time of year to look back at the year just past and to plan for the new one ahead. And indeed, this was the theme of our first Makers’ Club meeting of 2014 that was held at the Dogstar in Brixton last Wednesday 8th January. We were thrilled that Andry Anastasiou agreed to help makers make 2014 their most inspiring year yet. Andry is a maker and a coach and we knew she’d be the perfect person to guide makers through an evening of creative review and reflective planning.


To begin, we looked back. Before the meeting we collected together photographs of Makerhood events from the past year. These were printed out and hung around the room like bunting and we invited makers to contribute by adding notes of their significant events and moments from the past year. The result was a collage of overlapping photographs and notes that reminded us of everything we’d done together and individually throughout the year. And what an amazing year it was!

Thinking about what we’d done last year, what had gone well, what we’d learnt from events that didn’t go so well as we hoped, and what had happened that we could build on this year, set the scene for Andry to lead us through planning our themes and actions for the year ahead. But first, hot chocolate!

Andry_portAndry told us that hot chocolate helps set a relaxed, comfortable and indulgent atmosphere for her annual creative review. And it certainly seemed to work its magic at Makers’ Club where making tea and hot chocolate gave makers a chance to chat and work together to come up with the perfect ratio of chocolate and milk to create the necessary liquid inspiration.

Hot chocolate in hand, we then settled down for Andry to talk us through the two review activities she’d prepared. The first was an individual activity centred around writing, the second activity was carried out in pairs and focused on conversation. In both activities, Andry encouraged us to think about moments when we felt at our best during the last twelve months and to consider what contributed to these moments, what we did to make them happen – and how we might enjoy many more similar moments in the year to come!

In the short discussion at the end makers said they found reflecting on the past year both challenging and inspiring. We’re certainly looking forward to see where this inspiration takes them – and us – in 2014!


Makers’ Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month. They are free for Makers’ Club members and £4 for everyone else. To become a member of Makers’ Club we ask for an annual contribution of £25 that goes towards the cost of running Makerhood. If you live in Lambeth and are interested in becoming a member of Makers’ Club then you can sign up here:


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