Makerhood at Lambeth Country Show 2014

For the first time, Makerhood is taking a stall in the Crafts Marquee at the Lambeth Country Show, on 19 and 2o July.

We’ll be selling the work of eight different makers, four on each day, so now you have an excuse to come along on both Saturday and Sunday to see what’s on offer!

To whet your appetite, here are some details of the makers who will be selling.


Carol’s Creative Workshops

Avent Gallery 2014 015Carol teaches feltmaking, needlefelting and various styles of embroidery.  At her south London workshops you’ll spend time kickstarting your creativity, getting away from screens and housework for a few hours, working with beautiful materials, feeling productive, positive and focused, then you’ll go home with some lovely, tactile, handmade items for yourself or to give as gifts. You can also buy handmade workshop gift vouchers for friends – ideal for someone who doesn’t want to accumulate any more clutter!



Wolle + Hide

wolle hideWolle + Hide make handmade high quality fashion accessories from wool, leather and sheepskin, creating tactile, useable bags and purses for design conscious individuals. They strongly believe in the revival in craft and design and the awareness in ethical based products and sustainability. Making handmade products has enabled them to show their passion for wonderful materials using simple shapes that show off the beautiful texture of the cloth, suppleness of the leather and the tactile nature of sheepskin: combining these materials to maximise the overall textural experience.

Cute & Paste

Red Shabby Chic Wine Cork Board 00Cute & Paste use recycled wine corks as an inspiration for all sorts of home decor pieces; their creations include wine cork boards, coat hangers, key hooks, chalkboards and much more. The Cute & Paste twist to the old useful pin cork board gives them an abundance of character and charm. You can now make a cork board the feature of your room. Whenever possible they use recycled frames or carefully source them from hidden treasure troves. Most of the wine corks are collected from a friendly restaurant in central London (added to a few collected themselves along the way).

Gill Scheuer

gill scheuerOriginally a fine art graduate and at present a teacher of design and technology, Gill has designed and made products in a range of materials throughout her life. Her current project was born out of her hatred of waste and her conviction that something practical and stylish could be made out of all the perfectly good fabric that is discarded when an umbrella breaks, as they often do. It led to the creation of the ‘um-bag’, followed by brooches, bike seat covers and bunting.



Zoë Burt

zoe burtZoë loves making cyanotype prints on paper and fabric, a magical process invented by an astronomer. Cyanotype is a form of camera-less photography.

Slow design is a key theme for her creative work in textiles and fashion, connecting people with nature and their environment.




Annie Crimp Originals

annie crimpAnnie makes mosaics for the home and garden. She loves to upcycle and use all manner of materials, from car windscreen glass, broken jewellery, in fact anything she can lay her hands on! She also has a jewellery range which she makes from vintage china. She just loves the thought that small broken pieces can be up together again to make a beautiful whole. Each one of her pieces is original, unique and one of a kind.

Pam Williams Studio

pam williamsPam’s passion to observe and capture people and life in her surroundings has spanned over 30 years, dominating her work as an illustrator and fine artist internationally in New York, Hong Kong and Europe. She established her permanent studio in  London in 1991, and now sells prints, posters and T-shirts of Brixton scenes she has sketched.




screw-rust-onion5Kim Winter of Flextiles is a textile artist specialising in wet felting and dyeing with natural dyes, especially indigo. She particularly likes upcyling scarves from auctions and charity shops and overdyeing them using the Japanese technique of shibori (a kind of sophisticated tie dye). Because each scarf is a different fabric, pattern and colour, it makes it more interesting for her as an artist, and means that customers know they are buying something unique.

The Lambeth Country Show is on 19 and 20 July, 11am-7pm, Brockwell Park


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