Making Uncovered: Rosella Garavaglia

Rosella Garavaglia is an artist who works on calligraphy and lettering projects. At Making Uncovered she will be demonstrating how to use lettering to create expressive pieces that turn the written word into a beautiful art form. 

Tell us a bit about your work.

rosella1I am an experienced calligrapher and lettering artist working on a wide range of calligraphy and lettering projects. My main interest is to explore the expressive potential of the written word through various media and writing implements including the brush, fabric, wood, stone, glass and collage.

I alternate working on commissions with creating art for exhibitions, sale and a means of self-expression. I have worked with design consultants, marketing agencies, events organisers, public institutions as well as authors, artists and private individuals.

In my personal work, words and language are a springboard for artistic expression.

Why are you taking part in Making Uncovered?

rosella2I was once myself inspired by seeing other calligraphers at work to start on the path of training and appreciation of the lettering arts. In my professional practice I’ve often embraced any opportunity to share my enthusiasm for lettering with others by participating to group projects and exhibitions, mainly with Calligraphy and Lettering Associations.

At Making Uncovered I hope to inspire people, especially young people, to pick up a pen or brush and express their words visually with skill, imagination and fun. In today’s world, where verbal communication is mostly produced by pressing digits on a keyboard, the art of handwriting has never been more significant.

What will you be doing at Making Uncovered?

rosella4On the day I will be demonstrating the use of the calligraphy pen and the brush to form letter shapes based on a basic italic alphabet and its variations.

I’ll introduce some simple method of decoration with handmade rubber stamps and mono-
prints to add colour and texture to small projects such as a birthday card, a book mark, a decorated post code or a small quotation. Wording may be inspired by the current Exhibition at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton.

I’ll accept donations towards materials and use of equipment from anyone who want to have a go.


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