Why WBC is supporting Making Uncovered for a second year

WBC is a Herne Hill-based independent supplier of specialist packaging and retail accessories and a valued supporter of Makerhood. We’re very pleased to say they’ve agreed to sponsor Making Uncovered for a second year. The company’s marketing director, James Hayward, answers our questions about why WBC is getting involved again.

BRIX Drink low rez

Why is WBC supporting Making Uncovered?

Small independent producers, makers and retailers are the life blood of WBC. Supporting these businesses with gift and hamper packaging, retail display and bags for life allows us to be involved in the development of start ups within the local community. Over the years our business has grown as a direct result of the growth in the independent sector, and many customers who started out on a very small scale now significantly contribute to the success and growth of our organisation. Without small businesses such as those supported by making uncovered, our business would fail to be inspired to diversify and prosper. On a personal level we are all inspired to see local makers artists succeed and contribute to the vibrancy of our high streets and market places. It is really encouraging to see what can be achieved when people collaborate, encourage and share ideas – it shows how community and commerce can thrive to create a better environment for everyone.

What have you focused on over the past year?

This year WBC has focused on launching the new BRIX modular retail display system. Produced right here in Brixton this range of fixtures offers pop up retailers and market traders a high quality flexible display system that can be added to and adapted to suit the changes that makers and entrepreneurs inevitably require as their project and businesses evolve.

BRIX Retail low rezThe system has been designed specifically for smaller spaces with a modularity that means creative displays both large and small can showcase products in an infinite variety of ways. The goal of this range is to ensure that investment in fixtures can be for life rather than needing to be changed as and when your demand change.

What is coming up at WBC to watch out for? Anything big on the horizon?

We just celebrated our 25th Birthday this year. It’s special to us because we started out with just a £5000 grant from the Prince’s Trust and a business advisor from the charity who steered us through the early days.


To this day many of us still live and work in the same area we started and many of our customers have been with us since the beginning. This year we’re excited to have launched The Retail School alongside our partners and merchandising experts, the Metamorphosis Group. Operating out of our showroom in Herne Hill, the retail school offers one-day meta classes on everything from window dressing and visual merchandising to space planning. You can read about it at http://www.wbc.co.uk/training And do look out for a special course in partnership with Makerhood, coming soon!

More on WBC’s products, including the Brix, can be found at wbc.co.uk


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