10% off at Diverse preview shopping evening

diverse-xmas-cropTo launch our Christmas promotion with giftshop Diverse in Brixton, we’re delighted to announce a special preview shopping evening on Thursday 6 November, 5-8pm, offering a 10% discount on all items from Makerhoodies!

This year the Makerhood/Diverse Christmas promotion, which runs from 7 November to 4 January, features 21 Makerhood members – the largest number ever. The goods on offer are, um, diverse, ranging from prints and beauty products to jewellery and accessories.

opianOpian accessories, including bags, tops and jewellery, are made out of organic, recycled, retrieved, off-cuts or re-used materials, in order to limit the negative impact on the environment.

anetaAneta Snodon is an artist with a passion for abstract dot painting and photography.

elena hallElena Hall Jewellery combines age-old techniques with bright and modern hues, to create contemporary, structured and bold jewellery.

flextilesFlextiles takes upcycled scarves and overdyes them using indigo resist techniques to produce unique, beautiful accessories.

wolle hideWolle +Hide products combine wool, leather and sheepskin together creating tactile, useable bags and purses.

gabriela2Gabriela Szulman blends a fusion of painting and digital media – acrylic, watercolour and ink with digital print – to create limited edition prints, cards, jewellery and silk scarves.

red faceRed Faces All Round sells limited edition prints in a bold graphic style, depicting London and beyond.

black cactusBlack Cactus London makes bags from hand printed fabrics inspired by the everyday beauty around us in both our natural and urban environments.

hairy jayneHairy Jayne brews her own range of hair products at a little studio in Brixton, inspired by traditional hair care remedies used worldwide.

kayleneKaylene Alder is a freelance illustrator and screenprinter who produces a quirky range of cards and prints, many based on local scenes.

louise kamaraLouise Kamara is a curator and designer working in the field of sustainable and locally produced design.

annie crimpAnnie Crimp makes mosaics and jewellery from upcycled materials, including car windscreen glass, broken jewellery and vintage china.

pauline hinksonPauline Hinkson creates natural body products and old fashioned natural juices, “just like my Mum used to make”.

clamCL.AM Correspondence specialises in luxury printed stationery, inspired by fashion, design and travel.

prillyPrillywear makes a range of clothing and accessories by knitting and felting lambs wool.

dreamyDreamy Me offers unique custom illustrations, personalised prints, original artwork and contemporary art downloads.

runnycustard avatar circle BWRunny Custard sells prints and other items, including textiles and jewellery, that feature her photography.

judith-bartlett2Judith Bartlett is an upholsterer who also offers a range of soft furnishings and bold patterned T-shirts.

caddee profileCaddee hand makes origami jewellery pieces and then paints them with resin.

nicoletteNicolette McGowan sells handmade artwork and jewellery and also prints designs on T-shirts, hoodies and jumpers.

vintage roseVintage Rose creates unique handmade boho-chic jewellery, inspired by the Mediterranean, nature and life.

Diverse is at 390 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LF. The special preview shopping evening is on Thursday 6 November, 5-8pm – everyone welcome!

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