Lambeth Entrepreneur Forum: calling community investors!

At Makerhood we’re all about helping local makers thrive. There are of course all kinds of other local businesses that need support too. A new initiative spearheaded by Transition Town Brixton is working to support Lambeth businesses. Below is a call from Duncan Law of TTB explaining how to get involved.


P1180258Currently businesses identify a ‘market’, pursue it and serve it. We are ‘consumers’ who sometimes shop local but more often not. But this binary relationship is often not a pleasant or connecting experience.  We know when it does work – when we build a relationship with a trader, like the way she does business and the products she supplies. But sometimes these businesses disappear and we never even knew they were having a hard time.

We can do more than just shop local. We can support businesses we want to see stay or get going, not just with money, but our skills, expertise, publicity, moral support, time.

Transition Town Brixton’s REconomy Project has a vision to create a new culture of Community Supported Local Enterprise, which fosters a resilient, future-appropriate, independent local economy that supplies the real needs of local people, builds connections, creates new local livelihoods and keeps wealth local.

To enable this Transition Town Brixton is working to support and incubate 10 ‘Transition enterprises’ from any sector and is holding a Lambeth Local Entrepreneur Forum on Tuesday 2 June where the Community of Dragons (everyone!) will hear enterprises pitch and pledge support. More information here.

If you feel you could be a community investor (not only of money!) please come to our Warm-Up #2 Event on Tuesday 24th February (6.30-9.30pm, Brixton Impact Hub at the Town Hall). Or if you are an expert or an entrepreneur. Warm Up #2 will bring together ‘community investors, experts and enterprises to build the foundations of the Community Supported Local Economy.

Keynote speaker will be Fraser Durham from Totnes who pitched successfully at the 2014 Local Entrepreneur Forum in Totnes and is an expert on finding finance for ‘Transition Enterprises’.

A number of our fledgling enterprises will give 2 minute pitches and we will work in small groups to see what arises out the community interconnections. It was a very positive and productive experience at our Warm Up #1 event. Read an account here.

If you have any questions or offers please contact us:

Delicious locally sourced refreshment will be provided. Tickets free but limited, so please REGISTER HERE.

Totnes LEF2014

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