July Makers’ Club: Taking Off at Trade Shows

Makerhood runs monthly meet-ups for makers, artists and designers who are setting up or running businesses to help them get to grips with the practicalities, from promotion to online selling to pricing to product development to copyright and so much more. Everyone is welcome to attend these (free for members, and £5 for non-members). Our July event looks at scaling up and selling wholesale.  See the detail below and book your spot at: https://tradeshowsmakers.eventbrite.co.uk

Taking Off at Trade Shows: Going Wholesale

Ever thought of doing a trade fair such as Pulse or Top Drawer to start selling in large volumes? Or perhaps you’ve done a couple and are wondering how to improve?

Trade fairs can be a great step towards scaling up for makers, designers and artists – but they require significant investment of money and time. Is it worth the risk, and how do you make the most of them?

July Makers’ Club welcomes two fantastic speakers to give us a low down on trade shows from both a maker’s and a retailer’s perspective. Rosa Pietsch is a London-based designer and maker who creates unique, artistic designs for jewellery and accessories that mix materials, textures and processes. Rosa has recently started taking part in Pulse and Top Drawer, and will share her experience of this route to wholesaling as a maker, covering:

  • What the story has been – and what’s been key to success and overcoming challenges
  • The process of preparing for trade shows
  • Top tips for makers when considering and doing trade shows

Anita Thorpe is owner of Diverse gift store in Brixton and has years of experience retailing design, craft and art products  – many found at trade fairs, which Anita regularly attends for new finds. Anita will share a retailer’s view on:

  • What she looks for at trade fairs – and which makers/designers stand out to her
  • How she decides who to stock
  • The process: from a trade fair stand to shop floor

You will have a chance to ask questions and discuss your your specific considerations with other makers who can offer a perspective and advice from their experience.

Makerhood is a social enterprise that promotes the work of local makers in Lambeth. Click here to find out more about the Makers’ Club and how to join.

Image credits: Headline image by Top Drawer Press team; Image of Anita taken by Mike Urban of Brixton Buzz; Image of Rosa taken at Pulse trade show.

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