Meet the makers: Lucy Moseley

Designer-maker Lucy Moseley of Moseley’s Giftware suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic migraine, but loves creating jewellery, cards and knitting when she has the energy!

1. Would you mind telling us about your disability?
I was studying philosophy at Cambridge University three and a half years ago when I contracted chronic fatigue syndrome. I had to drop out for a while, but I went back and pushed myself to finish the course and graduate. Since then I’ve been trying to come to terms with the condition.

2. How has your crafting helped you?
I can’t go to work, as I would end up falling over! But I had always been interested in photography, so I started making cards from photos I had taken. Then I started making cushions, as I’ve always collected fabrics, which I buy from antique and vintage stores from all over the country. I’d also been making jewellery for six years, so I thought I’d try to sell some of it. Again, I buy gemstones on my travels, such as when I went to visit my sister in Australia on her gap year.

3. Does this talent come from your family or have you taught yourself?
My mum used to do pottery and painting, and my aunt is a designer-maker. And I went to a half-hour session on making jewellery. But most of it is self-taught. I had this idea that I wanted to make tea cosies that looked like bobble hats, though I couldn’t knit. So I taught myself!

4. Tell us the story behind one of your products.
Lavender bags are one of my latest products on Makerhood. When I was little, I used to make lavender bags for my family at Christmas, with their names embroidered on them. They always seemed to make people very happy, so I made some for my Makerhood stall. I use vintage fabric and lace and fill them with lavender from the same bush at my family’s home in Dorset that I used when I was younger. People seem to like picking them up and smelling the lavender. The first comment I had was “I want one – to smell instead of the smelly people on the bus!”

5. You’ve lived in Brixton for a year – how does it inspire your work?
I love the diversity and multicultural-ness of Brixton, and I miss the sirens when I go away! But the inspiration for my work comes more from inside me and from nature – so I enjoy walking round the parks like Brockwell, Dulwich and Peckham Rye.

6. And what appeals to you about Makerhood?
I love the fact that we as sellers can connect with our buyers. I really enjoyed meeting a lady who bought one of my hand-knitted tea cosies! It is wonderful to be able to showcase your talent in the local area, too, and you get to meet other people who craft and make things.

7. Finally, what’s your top tip for a bit of “hidden Brixton”?
Try Barnado’s charity shop for bargains. I’ve picked up some pretty dresses, including a ballgown, as well as knitting needles, kids’ craft packs and ink cartridges for 99p!

Lucy starts a jewellery course at Holts Academy today – we wish her luck!

You can buy Lucy’s lavender bags, Christmas cards, tea cosies, jewellery and scented candles at