Makers in the Hood

MITH CollageThis Christmas, Brixton giftshop Diverse is showcasing Brixton creative talent through its “Makers in the Hood” event.

There are 16 makers taking part, offering a wide range of hand-made products, such as artwork, toys, natural products, jewellery, accessories and more. The event runs until the end of the year.

Many of the makers taking part are members of Makerhood; in fact, the idea for Makers in the Hood came about because there are so many local makers wanting to sell their products through local shops.

Diverse’s owner, Anita Thorpe, says: “This is a ‘win-win situation’ for everyone, as many of my customers are looking for something unique and prefer to buy local if they can.”

In addition to having products for sale, each day one maker will have a special offer and be profiled in the Diverse blog.

You can read more about Makers in the Hood and see participants’ profiles by visiting Diverse’s website and blog.