Another Brixton blogger on board

My name is Kim Winter, and I’ve joined Kristina, Karen and the rest of the Makerhood team (obviously your name doesn’t have to begin with K to get involved, but it may help! 😉 ).

I’m a freelance editor – I used to be managing editor of Which? magazine, and I’ve spent the last couple of years helping to launch an Indian version of Which?. I’ve lived in Brixton for nearly 25 years, and I also run the Brixton Windmill blog (the building, not the pub!).

I got involved with Makerhood because I’m currently doing a course in creative and experimental textiles at Morley College near Waterloo (my Flextiles blog records my various experiments).  I’ve been trying to sell some of my (successful) results at various local sales. While there I’ve talked to other makers and realised it can be difficult for individuals to reach local people who might be interested in buying their stuff.

So I think Makerhood is a great idea. There’s a real creative buzz around Brixton at the moment, and I’m excited about being part of it. With my journalistic background I’ll be helping with the website and blog, and interviewing and writing features on local makers. So if you’re planning to sell through Makerhood, I’ll be in touch!


Come join us: volunteering opportunities

As we are are working towards pilot launch in the coming weeks we are looking for more volunteers to get involved in the project. So if you share our passion for local goods and supporting makers in South London and would like to help, do get in touch. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with any of the following:

  • Co-ordinating meetings and events
  • Research for a database of makers in the area
  • Helping to administer the online local goods website as we prepare for launch, and being an “admin” once the Beta goes live
  • Interviewing makers / writing stories and profiles on them for the blog (Update: Lovely Kim Winter has come on board to work on this – hurrah!)
  • Other bits of content writing for the forthcoming local goods website

Time-wise it’s flexible, starting from a couple of hours a week. If you’d like to do one-off tasks only, let us know too, there are plenty of those coming our way 🙂

Ideally you are based in Brixton, Herne Hill, Clapham, Camberweell, Stockwell or Dulwich.

If you’re interested in working on the project, drop us a line at

Thank you!

Sympathy for the Devil

Well, not quite, but the opening words of this Rolling Stones classic have been going around my head as I thought of a way of trying to say hello, and to introduce myself.
I recently joined Karen, Kristina and their wonderfully talented friends, to help with the launch of Makerhood. So, if you’ve noticed a slight change in tone in some of Makerhood’s Twitter or Facebook activity; then I’ll probably responsible culpable.
I’ve been asked to say a little bit about myself, but as a shy and retiring type, I wasn’t quite sure what to say, or how to say it. So, here’s the result of a quick interview I did with myself down the potting shed.
Q. Welcome to the team! Why did you get involved with Makerhood?
Well, first of all it seemed like a great idea, so I was keen to see if I could help out in some way. I’ve a background in local media, community action and campaigns, so I hoped there was something I could offer. I also have a research based interest in social media as well as hyper-local media, so it’s nice to try and put some of that theoretical knowledge and understanding into practice. The only challenge is time…
Q: I hear you, so what exactly will you be doing?
A: Helping out with a bit of social media (Twitter, Facebook, the blog) and also some awareness raising work. I’ll be balancing this alongside my day job, playing cricket, training for a 10k and a few other bits and bobs, so if anyone would like to help me then that would be great!
Q: How well do you know the area?
Reasonably. I’ve always lived a short distance from Brixton. I’ve lived in East Dulwich/Peckham Rye for the last three years, and before that I spent another three years in Camberwell….

One of the things I love about Brixton, and London in general, is the way that places evolve and morph. You don’t visit an area for 6-12 months and suddenly loads of new and interesting things have cropped up. It’s such a vibrant city. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.
Q: So what can we look forward to in the coming weeks/months?
Well, some of the team are working very hard on getting the Beta site up and running, that’s really exciting! We’ve just launched an online survey to get feedback and ideas from potential buyers and sellers, so we’d love more people to complete this so that we can then analyse the results.

We’ll also be organising some informal testing sessions, meets ups and the like, all of which will be a great opportunity to meet like minded people in the area.

Finally, I’ll be tweaking some of the Makerhood web presence. Karen and Kristina may be superwomen, but they can’t realistically be expected to do everything. So, if I can help them free up some of their time to do other things, then I’ll be happy – and hopefully they will be too!
Q: Damian Radcliffe, thank you very much.
Thank you