Makerhood exhibition at the Lounge in Brixton

Don’t miss an exhibition of work by Makerhood artists whose work is inspired by urban landscapes around Lambeth!

The exhibition will be on display at The Lounge in Brixton from 17 October to 25 November 2011, and includes the following artists.

Brockwell Park illustration by Elena Blanco of Dreamy me Brixton

Elena says: “This illustration is my personal homage to the wonderful Brockwell Park. This is a view of the park in spring, when the grass is at its greenest. It has a melancholic, contemplative mood and lots of details that tell stories within the story.

“This is a print from my picture book When Nothing Happens. This book tells the adventures of a girl and her bird friend.

“This book is a celebration of the power of imagination, and the illustrations through it try to inspire a creative and appreciative view of the world. Inspired by 19th-century Japanese prints, they are painted in bright watercolours and a well defined ink line.”

Brockwell Park photo by Rosie Morland of Rosie Makes

Rosie says: “Photography is my main love but I like playing around with various crafty things.

“All my prints are from film (in date, expired, abused, but always loved). I love old cameras and often try to make them do things they perhaps shouldn’t! I take photos of things that catch my eye, regardless of what they are, and every photo has a story.”

Walk the bike print by Pam Williams Studio

Pam says: “I have lived five minutes from Brixton for over 20 years. A library of sketches of Brixton has been collected….while assisting the Brixton Market street traders………..going to meetings of local groups, a little designing here and there… is time to share them with you.”

 High Noon screenprint by Kerry Eggleton of Mashka

A childhood existence in London’s schismatic commuter belt has inspired Kerry to explore and express the juxtaposition of nature and metropolis through the medium of print. Her pieces capture the inherent yet unassuming beauty of the spaces created by the convergence of both worlds.

This duality is reflected in the multi-layered process of creating Kerry’s prints, where photographs and found imagery are first digitally manipulated, then the image split into colour layers and manually developed onto screens using light-sensitive emulsion. These screens are then used to print with inks onto fabric or paper, layer by layer, to recreate the images by hand. Through this process Kerry transforms the initial precision of the digital image into a vibrant piece of art, using a wider range of colours, techniques and finishes.

Incognito photo by Josie Dixon Photography

Josie says: “I am a photographer living in brixton who loves her ‘hood. I first moved here 30 years ago and my daughter was born here. I really do ‘heart’ Brixton – it’s therefore such a pleasure to be involved with Makerhood.

“I started taking photographs over 20 years ago, using my boyfriend’s Nikon camera and by setting up a dark room in the attic. I now tend to use digital and take colour photographs mostly because i find them more immediate. This photo was taken in Brixton market the day after the riots.”

Lambeth print by Jack Noel of Sweet View

This limited edition print of Lambeth shows Brixton market where Atlantic Road meets Electric Avenue.

Jack says: “I love London and particularly my own little corner of Lambeth and knew others were affectionate for their local area too. I felt I could offer them affordable artwork that was unique, non-cliched and would allow them to display that affection on the walls of their homes.”

Bus Stop photo by Laura Ward Photography

Laura Ward is a photographer from Herne Hill who is inspired by local people and neighbourhoods, and makes use of available light. She a member of Makerhood and local photography group Effra FC.

The image Bus Stop was taken at one of the many bus stops that surround Brockwell Park. Laura says: “I’m a local photographer who absolutely loves local community projects. A lot of my photography here has been taken in local places.

“I like working with expired film, instant film, and digital. My nostalgic and quirky photography is very much inspired by daydreams, my grandmothers, my love for photographs in record sleeves, steam trains, tea drinking, listening to music and beautiful natural light.”

Brockwell Park Girl screenprint by Ray Stanbrook

Ray is a graphic designer from south London whose prints are inspired by local people and places. He’s always lived in this area, apart from one year in north London, “which I spent explaining to north Londoners how great south London is. They have no idea!”

South London plants textile print by Gillian Arnold

Gillian is an artist based in south-east London. She is originally from Belfast, then studied Textiles in Liverpool before moving and settling in London in 1996, where she completed a Masters degree in Textiles at Chelsea College of Art.

Gillian prints her own fabric for wall art, fashion and furnishing accessories, as well as working on private commissions.

The Lounge is at 55-58 Atlantic Road, Brixton, SW9 8PZ,


Lambeth Open

This year’s Lambeth Open takes place on 1 and 2 October. If you are an artist or craftsperson and would like to open your studio or workspace to visitors as well as selling your pieces, you need to register soon.

The publicity leaflets are being printed at the beginning of August, so if you would like your details to appear on these as well as on the website, you will need to create an account at and upload your details and pictures. Admission is completely free.