What we’ve been up to in 2011… That’s right :)

It’s been a busy start to the year here at Makerhood, so we thought to update you on what’s been going on.

Building on all the great input and feedback we got last year, our lovely developer Andy Broomfield is about to start putting together the first bits of the Makerhood pilot site. We always wanted it to be open source, but there was some debate as to whether we should use Drupal, Ruby on Rails or another platform. Drupal won in the end as we felt it was best suited for building a simple user-friendly interface for the pilot. Andy will be using blocks made by other developers (the beauty of open source!) as well as write custom software for features that are unique to Makerhood.

We have also been working on the legal aspects of the site. Granted, it might not be the most exciting bit. But it is really very important as it defines relationships between users, and also the things one can do on the site, like buying and selling, creating groups and taking part in discussions. We are drafting the User Agreement ourselves (thank internet gods for its collective goodness!) and have had the benefit of some excellent pro-bono advice.

This exercise reminded me of my work at the London School of Economics in 2004 on Digital Business Ecosystems. It was experiment to help small businesses start doing e-commerce – we found that legal issues were a huge barrier for many. Speaking of which, we do not have a legal expert on the team yet, so if you are one and would like to get involved, please let us know.

But, really, isn’t what matters most *what the site will look like* ?  🙂 On that front we are so very lucky to have two wonderful Brixton-based artists making sure that makerhood.com is as pretty as possible. Carolina Valleijo, a wonderful interaction designer, writer and globe-trotter with wealth of digital experience is looking after site design. And the fantastic Emily Wilkinson, an illustrator and graphic facilitator (among many other things) is coming up with great ideas for our logo. We can’t wait to pick one!

We will be writing more about all of this in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, get in touch if you have questions or tips for us – all will be gratefully received


3 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to in 2011… That’s right :)

  1. Thank you Alex! We feel very lucky and extra grateful to the wonderful team and everyone who has so generously contributed so far.


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