A flying start

children's workshop
Makerhood sketching and origami workshop with Pam Williams at the Lambeth Country Show

It’s been a frantic weekend, with a Makerhood stall at the Urban Art Fair in Josephine Avenue, a Makerhood workshop with Pam Williams at the Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park, and handing out Makerhood flyers at the show and around Brixton Village.

Chris Patton of Eight B Design shows his cards to a buyer at the Urban Art Fair

Oh – and did we mention that the Makerhood website went live at noon on Saturday? Since then, we’ve had more than 1,000 unique visitors and almost 12,000 page views. More importantly, we’ve made our first sales and had lots of new members signing up. People have also started chatting on the forums.

Some of the great comments we’ve had so far:

  • “The website is a brilliant idea :)”
  • “Can you set one up in provincial Mozambique?”
  • “It looks marvellous…Congratulatio​ns!”
  • “Just found out about Makerhood – what a great idea! From first glance the website looks fab. Will be investigating further when back home.”
  • “Makerhood is a fantastic local community resource and the outcome of a very participatory design process.”
  • “South Londoners, Makerhood looks cool and very promising!”
  • “Everyone, check out Makerhood & buy locally-made stuff in Brixton – after a year of hard work, they went live today!”
  • “Makerhood – loving your new site guys – thanks for what you do and well done!”
    As we’ve explained, the site is still in beta – this means that you can buy and sell through the site, but we’re still adding new features and styling and ironing out any bugs. So do go and have a look and let us know what you think!


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