New features

As I mentioned in the last post, part of the Beta phase is about adding new features… So, we have started!

Andy has worked hard to make a few very useful additions to the site:

  • Sorting goods: by price, date and alpabetically – this is very handy now that there’re so many goods on the site.
  • Workshops: we’ve added a new side menu to help you browse workshops and corses by skill. Also there’s a new link on that page that will make it easier for anyone running courses locally to add these to the page if they are not already a registered user.
  • Pretty  buttons for basket, mail and account editing: check them out in the top right corner. Great work from Carolina! You can now easily see if you’ve got new mail, and how many items you have in the basket.
  • Users: you can now see users who have chosen to create public profiles. We have over 160 registered users (and counting) but not all of them create profiles). Create yours to appear on this page!
  • Twitter and Facebook sharing: woo! Now it’s really easy to share any of the pages on Makerhood on your Twitter, or like them on Facebook – just check the bottom of each page. Use these well, please 🙂

More changes to come, in particular, you’ll soon be able to comment  or questions on goods and stalls – we will keep you posted.

If you have burning suggestions for new features, just add them in this forum thread.

Kristina, Karen, Andy, Carolina +++


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