About Makerhood Brixton

What is Makerhood Brixton?

Makerhood Brixton is a pilot local web marketplace that we are currently developing and testing, for launch over the next few weeks. It will make it easy for people in Brixton and neighbouring areas to buy locally produced goods, find out about local courses on making and growing things, and talk about all things making-related.

What is a maker?
Anyone  who sells locally made goods on the Makerhood Brixton site is called a maker.

What is a stall?
A stall is a page on the Makerhood Brixton website where a maker presents all of their goods to potential buyers.

I would like to talk to someone – how do I do that?

Because Makerhood is a voluntary organisation at the moment, we do not have people sitting by the phone waiting to talk to you. However, if you send us an email at hello@makerhood.com, one of us will respond as soon as we can. We realise this is not ideal if your questions is time sensitive, but hopefully someday we’ll be big enough to change this.

Why can’t I sell things through Makerhood Brixton if I don’t live or work in or around Brixton?
The core idea behind Makerhood Brixton is localness and we’re starting off where we live – in / around Brixton, to test out the idea and concept. We also want to encourage site users to meet in person, improving connections throughout the local community – so we do not want the areas to be too large. However, we would love it if local Makerhood teams set up in other areas, and of course we would be willing to help get the ball rolling and share our experience of launching in Brixton. If you’d like to start your own Makerhood in your area email us at hello@makerhood.com.

Selling through Makerhood Brixton

Please note that some of the features below may not be available during the initial testing phase – for example, PayPal and delivery.

Is Makerhood Brixton only for professional traders?
You don’t have to be a professional maker, selling goods for a living. You may make jewellery as a hobby, or a few pots of chutney when you have a glut of vegetables in your allotment!

What items can I sell?
You can sell anything that you have made or produced yourself, from food to furniture, plants to paper goods. You should not sell items made by someone else, or illegal or prohibited items.

Why can’t I sell things through Makerhood Brixton if I don’t live or work in or around Brixton?
The core idea behind MakerHood Brixton is localness. If you don’t live or work in Brixton, Camberwell, Clapham, Herne Hill, Dulwich or Stockwell, you are welcome to buy items, but you cannot sell them. Sorry about that. Why not start your own Makerhood in your own area? Email us at hello@makerhood.com and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

How much does it cost to sell through Makerhood Brixton?
It is free to sign up and set up a stall. When you sell an item, 4% of the price is automatically deducted to cover the cost of maintaining the website. If you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay anything.

What do Makerhood do with the money they collect?
Makerhood is a social enterprise, and the team currently consists of unpaid volunteers.  All of the money collected is used to help maintain the website, pay for technical support, and organise activities to support makers and skill sharing in our neighbourhood. During the initial test launch of the site we are not charging any makers to use the site, but we will have to charge after this to make sure the project is sustainable.

How do I set up a stall?
First you need to sign up and create a user account. Then follow the instructions to set up a stall. During the initial test period, newly created stalls will have to be approved by the Makerhood team before they go live, to ensure that there are no technical problems.

How do I get paid for the goods? Makerhood uses PayPal to ensure that all transactions run smoothly, so before you start trading you will need to set up a PayPal business account if you don’t have one already.

How do I deliver items to buyers? As Makerhood is a local service, you have several options.

  • Deliver it yourself: As Makerhood is based on local connections, you may like to deliver the item yourself. Use Makerhood’s private messaging service to arrange this.
  • Buyer collects: If you have a physical shop, your buyer could drop by during the shop’s opening hours, so make sure you advertise these on your stall. Even if you don’t have a shop, they may be happy to come and pick up the item personally and meet you. Again, MakerHood’s private messaging service lets you swap details without telling the whole world.
  • Meet-up points: You can arrange with the buyer to meet at a well-known public place in the area. For example, in Brixton, it might be the Ritzy cinema.
  • Postal delivery: You will need to calculate the cost of packing and postage and decide whether to add this to the price of your goods if buyers opt for postal delivery.

We are also holding discussions with a local bike delivery service – we will publish more details if this becomes available.


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