‘Drawing is a way of calming my mind. It’s like meditation’

Elena Blanco is a Spanish-born artist living in Loughborough Junction. At Making Uncovered on 20 April, she will be popping up different points throughout the day drawing and engaging with the public.

What do you like about your art? Why did you get into it? 

I have always enjoyed being creative and had lots of ideas. I studied architecture and that gave me drawing and design skills – but I didn’t like working as an architect. It was too serious and stressful, and not that creative as in “let yourself go” which is what I like about art (although I still love drawing urban landscapes and buildings).

Drawing is a way of calming my mind, connecting with the world and myself. It’s a bit like meditating. Illustration taps into my imagination, my inner child, and also satisfies my interest in design.

Why are you taking part in Making Uncovered? 

I loved the idea from the beginning: of bringing makers together to display their skills and techniques. I think it will be such an enjoyable event, because making and creating make people so happy. And getting together to make is such a beautiful sharing act. I read an article about traditional Innuit communities, how they all get together in the evenings to make their art. And I have seen that myself in Spain, my grandmother and her mates getting together on chairs outside the front door, to do their sewing and knitting, sharing ideas, doing their gossip. It was beautiful to see and listen to!

What will you be doing at Making Uncovered people and why should they sign up? 

I want to teach people about the joys of making, in my case illustrating and drawing. I want them to see how art is about enjoyment, acceptance, experimenting and practising – nothing else, no good or bad. I’ve got a beautiful quote from Rilke (that amazing poet and person) that inspires me a lot: “Works of art are of an infinite solitude and no means of approach is so useless as criticism. Only love can touch and hold them and be fair with them.”  I’ll teach some very fun techniques that are great icebreakers for people scared of the blank page.


One thought on “‘Drawing is a way of calming my mind. It’s like meditation’

  1. I´m very proud of my sister. I love her and her work too. I would like very much to be there and to participate on. I will be present in some way from the other side of the oceane. Kisses a lot.


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