Makerhoodies at South Bank Village Fair

Craft is coming to the Southbank Centre on 24 and 25 August – and Makerhood will be there!

The Village Fair is part of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Neighbourhood and will include local brass bands and bell ringers, traditional games such as hoopla, a dog show, and animals from Vauxhall City Farm.

maggiebluetitcheekysudsThere will also be lots of crafty activities going on, including Makerhood workshops. Carol Grantham of Carol’s Creative Workshops will offer you the chance to make a needlefelted ladybird, snail or leaves, Maggie Winnall of Sewin Studio will be making beautiful garden-themed bunting, and Chloe Morais of Cheeky Suds will be creating scrubs, bath salts and foot soaks using natural floral and herbal ingredients from the garden.

Kim Winter of Makerhood and Flextiles will also be taking part in a discussion at the Craft Code Village in the Royal Festival Hall at 11am on Saturday 24 August, talking about how the internet has contributed to the revival of the craft community.

And Karen Martin of Makerhood and Chris Patton of Eight B Design will be on hand, too, to spread the word about Makerhood’s expansion across Lambeth and sell work by makers taking part.

It’s all free, including a ceilidh on Saturday evening at 6pm. So bring your crafty fingers and dancing shoes and join us for a fab weekend!

The Village Fair runs at the Southbank Centre on Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25 August, 11am-4pm.



African accessories

Mariatu Turay of Gitas Portal specialises in contemporary, African-inspired ladies’ and children’s fashion, handmade slippers, jewellery and handbags.

At Making Uncovered she will be showing how to make fabric headbands for children and adults, and how to make the best use of your leftover fabrics by turning them into coin purses.


What do you like about your art/craft? Why did you get into it?

I love the fact that I have free rein to bring an idea or vision to life and that my customers appreciate what I do. I got into it because I thoroughly enjoy designing and making clothes and accessories and I come alive when I do – can’t help myself.

Why are you taking part in making uncovered?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people and share what I do and engage others in the actual making process, which ordinarily would be behind the scenes. People usually see the finished produce and not the making process.

What will you be teaching people and why should they sign up? 

I’ll be running short, 20-minute workshops showing people how to make little purses and simple headbands that could also be used as a neckpiece. If you’ve got strips of material lying about in the house and you want to do something that’s simple, quick and fun to give to friends, with that added personal touch (you made it), then come along.



‘Drawing is a way of calming my mind. It’s like meditation’

Elena Blanco is a Spanish-born artist living in Loughborough Junction. At Making Uncovered on 20 April, she will be popping up different points throughout the day drawing and engaging with the public.

What do you like about your art? Why did you get into it? 

I have always enjoyed being creative and had lots of ideas. I studied architecture and that gave me drawing and design skills – but I didn’t like working as an architect. It was too serious and stressful, and not that creative as in “let yourself go” which is what I like about art (although I still love drawing urban landscapes and buildings).

Drawing is a way of calming my mind, connecting with the world and myself. It’s a bit like meditating. Illustration taps into my imagination, my inner child, and also satisfies my interest in design.

Why are you taking part in Making Uncovered? 

I loved the idea from the beginning: of bringing makers together to display their skills and techniques. I think it will be such an enjoyable event, because making and creating make people so happy. And getting together to make is such a beautiful sharing act. I read an article about traditional Innuit communities, how they all get together in the evenings to make their art. And I have seen that myself in Spain, my grandmother and her mates getting together on chairs outside the front door, to do their sewing and knitting, sharing ideas, doing their gossip. It was beautiful to see and listen to!

What will you be doing at Making Uncovered people and why should they sign up? 

I want to teach people about the joys of making, in my case illustrating and drawing. I want them to see how art is about enjoyment, acceptance, experimenting and practising – nothing else, no good or bad. I’ve got a beautiful quote from Rilke (that amazing poet and person) that inspires me a lot: “Works of art are of an infinite solitude and no means of approach is so useless as criticism. Only love can touch and hold them and be fair with them.”  I’ll teach some very fun techniques that are great icebreakers for people scared of the blank page.

Make and remake at the Lambeth Country Show

We are very excited about the Lambeth Country Show this year! It’s our favourite event in London by far – so much so that we launched Makerhood at the show last year.

This year, we’re teaming up with our wonderful friends at the Remakery to showcase the two projects and to encourage you to get involved in some very hands-on making activities.

So come and join in, meet some of your local makers and have fun while being creative! No experience necessary – we’ll provide materials, support and encouragement.

Location: Cultivate Area – between the Farm Zone and the Charities Area, Brockwell Park.

Art – Saturday 15 September, 2-4pm

With Elena Blanco (Makerhood)

Unfold the artist within you at this fun art workshop for all ages. It’s about celebrating art, community and life!

Making flower essences – Saturday 15 September, 12-2pm and 4-6pm

With Andry Anastasiou (Makerhood)

Need to relax, feel more courageous or clearer about your next steps in life? Come along to our mini flower essence workshop and take part in our  interactive card game  to help you  choose a  flower essence:  ‘relax and let go’, ‘finding your way with goals ‘ or ‘courage’ flower essence blends.

Knitting and crochet – Sunday 16 September, 12-2pm

With Viv Moriarty and Karen Martin (Makerhood)

A drop-in knitting and crochet workshop – all ages and abilities welcome!

If you’ve been dying to learn how to knit or crochet, or if you’re an expert who wants to try something experimental, come and join us.

Tetra Pak wallets – Sunday 16 September, 2-6pm

With Emma Milne (Remakery)

Remade in Brixton is all about zero waste, and ensuring sustainable, wise use of all our resources. Want to learn how to make something useful from old packaging? Come along to learn how to make wallets from used cartons. They are beautiful and bright, very durable and make lovely little gifts!

See you there!

Perfect pitching

Does the thought of asking a retailer to stock your products bring you out in a cold sweat? Or do you want to email a journalist about featuring your work in a magazine but just sit there staring at a blank screen?

Then you must sign up for our Getting to grips with pitching workshops. These three  interactive workshops are specially designed for makers with no or little experience of pitching to help you develop your  pitching skills.

The written pitch
Wednesday, 26 September, 7-9pm, led by Kim Winter

This workshop will help you craft the perfect written pitch that will grab the reader’s attention and make sure she doesn’t hit the “delete” button. We’ll show you how to highlight your unique selling points and tell your story in the most appealing way. And we’ll discuss the importance of getting the tone right too.

Preparing to pitch to shops
Wednesday, 3 October, 7-9pm, led by Carole Mourier and Jane Doxey

So your product is ready and you’re raring to go and sell it to shops. But when you’re there, what do you say about your product and how will you present yourself?

This workshop will prepare you to successfully pitch your product to retailers, identify potential buyers, and present it in an engaging way. From packaging to questions and answers, it’s all about first impressions.

Pitching with confidence and calm
Wednesday 10 October, 7-9pm, led by Tanya Shoop and Andry Anastasiou

Have you noticed that some people seem so confident when pitching and selling, yet you just feel nervous? So what’s the trick? It’s all about preparation, learning how to manage nerves and working with techniques to create presence and confidence.

Explore how to present yourself with confidence when pitching to buyers or promoting your products. Learn techniques for managing nerves, good body language and staying grounded and energised. We will draw on and practise methods from the Alexander Technique and from a whole-person coaching approach.

We’re offering all three workshops for a discount price of £25, or individual workshops for £10 each. If you book early, you get all three workshops for just £20. You can book on Eventbrite, where you’ll also find more details on each workshop and the facilitators .

See you there!

The lovely drawing at the top is by GOLDTOP.
The photo is from our Product Surgery event in June.

Makerhood workshops at Crafty Fox Spring Market

Join in the fun and learn a few skills at the Makerhood drop-in workshops at the Crafty Fox Spring Market! The workshops are organised by Makerhood volunteer crafters and are completely free.

Saturday 24 March, 12.30-3pm, Dogstar Brixton, 2nd floor – free.

Knitting and crochet, with Viv and Shona

Drop by to learn a few basics, ask tricky questions about that technique you’ve been trying to learn, or bring your own project along for the afternoon. All levels welcome, from complete beginners to experienced practitioners.

Making flower essences, with Andry and Sorell

Flower essences are a great way to  use plants to make  safe remedies for helping you through life’s challenges and changes. You will learn how flower essences are made, and see how formulae are created. For a small donation (to cover cost of materials) you can get your own personalised flower essence formula made up for you on the day.

Drawing games for adults, with Kristina

Kristina will take you through simple yet powerful game techniques that help free up creativity and remind us what it’s like to play with each other. Join this workshop to relax and enjoy yourself – the results can be both delightful and eye opening.

Crafty Social

If you fancy doing a bit of craft and have a project on the go just bring it along and join in the fun. Everyone (and any craft) warmly welcome!

Photos above are from Flickr commons, by sparklerawkThai Jasmine and rosswebsdale.

Another opportunity for Makers – The Renegade Craft Fair

We came across this today (thanks Rachel!), and thought many of you would be interested in it; news of London’s first Renegade Craft Fair.

Typically based in the States, Renegade organise annual free-to-attend events focussing on “DIY and indie-craft culture”.

This Autumn, London joins the ranks of Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin on their list of venues.

Based at The Old Truman Brewery on October 8+9, 2011, from 11am – 6pm each day the event promises workshops and plenty of opportunities to buy and sell!
Applications for independent craft artists to take part are open from today until July 29th.  Makers can submit an application to sell here.

Whilst you can find out more about the history of The Renegade Craft Fair here.