“Super useful visual merchandising workshop”

That was the verdict of one of the participants in this workshop, run specially for south London makers by Metamorphosis Group and hosted by Makerhood partner WBC.


Not only was the course great value – less than half the normal price – but it was tailored specifically to the needs of makers who are more concerned with setting up market stalls and trade stands than with permanent shops (though we did have one attendee, Anita Thorpe from Diverse, who runs a gift shop in Brixton).

Ellie Kidson from Metamorphosis ran through the basics, including layout, traffic flow, colour, symmetry, size and shape, “heroing” and framing. So much to think about, but she made it fun and interesting with plenty of examples of real life stalls. She also had specific ideas of how to apply these principles to the products that we were selling.


Then it was time to have a go ourselves. The task was made even more fun by the range of beautiful WBC props and accessories we were surrounded by, from old sledges and wicker baskets of all kinds to stylish stacking units and wooden bowls.

metamorphosis2 metamorphosis3

Thanks to Ellie’s constructive criticism, we finally narrowed down the huge range of possibilities to come up with some impressive displays.

Then it was time for a quick discussion on resources and suppliers before heading out into the cold November rain…

Other feedback from participants:

  • “Such a great afternoon!”
  • “Brilliant event – thanks for the opportunity!”
  • “So inspiring!”

Huge thanks to Metamorphosis and WBC for an excellent event that supports local makers.




Join us for Brite London: the Makers & Creatives edition

Are you running or thinking about starting a creative business? Looking for advice on how to succeed? Come to our free business development event on 18 June.

Makerhood has teamed up with Eventbrite to bring you the Brite London: the Makers & Creatives edition – a night packed with great advice from successful creatives who’ve done it all themselves.  Insightful talks, Q&A and plenty of time for chatting to fellow makers. Drinks and snacks will be provided, too!

The event is at 7pm on 18 June at the Craft Beer pub  in Brixton. Please book your free ticket on Eventbrite, or read on to find out more.

Crowd funding: how to raise money for your creative business


The buzz word has been around for a while, but what does crowd-funding mean in practice? Does it actually work – and for whom? If you are thinking of a crowd-funding campaign, or simply want to find out more about raising funds from the public, this is your chance to learn from someone who’s run a recent successful campaign.

James McBennett is the founder and chief designer at Fabsie, a start-up making beautifully crafted ready-to-assemble furniture. 


For their first product – a rocking stool – James ran a kick-starter campaign, raising over £26,000 and attracting over 530 backers. James will explain how to get your crowd-funding campaign off the ground.

How to use events, workshops and exhibitions to build support for your work


Events can be great fun and promotion for your business, but how do you know when to use events, and how to run them well?

What are the big Dos and Don’ts, and how do you spend your time effectively?  Organising events is a lot of work – here’s your chance to learn from an expert on how to make that work for you.

Katie McPhee is the Community Manager at Eventbrite UK.


Katie has organised numerous events, and has seen many others do that – she’ll share her experience of what succeeds and what doesn’t.


Social media: how to promote your work on social networks


Social media is the order of the day, but with so little time and so much to do, how do you pick the right channels for your business? What messages work best? How do you find time to do social media alongside running a creative business?

Hannah Needham is founder of This Is Your Kingdom, a curated online guide to the UK’s most lovely places to eat, drink, walk, think, potter, ponder, snuggle and shop.

Hannah left her day-job to start the venTIYKture with her business partner – soon after launch their readership soared, and they grew a loyal community of readers and contributors. Hannah will share her experience of using social media, how they formulated a strategy, and what was key to their success.

Makerhood: local makers working together

477341_10152162104216515_1013092982_oMakerhood is a social enterprise that supports makers and skills in south London, founded and run by a team of local volunteers. A maker’s life can be rather isolated, working away in your studio (or back bedroom!), wondering how much to charge for your work, worrying about stock, and where to get tax advice… Makerhood supports local makers, builds partnerships with local business, helps with business development advice and facilitates a local network for makers to help each other.

Makerhood logo

Kristina Glushkova, the co-founder of the project (and author of this post!), will talk about Makerhood’s mission and how being part of a makers’ collective can promote your creative work.

There are 50 spaces available for the event. Click here to book  yours.

We look forward to seeing you there!

When: 18 June, 6.30pm – 9pm

Where: The Craft Beer Company, Upstairs. 2 mins walk from Brixton tube.  11-13 Brixton Station Rd, SW9 8PA



African accessories

Mariatu Turay of Gitas Portal specialises in contemporary, African-inspired ladies’ and children’s fashion, handmade slippers, jewellery and handbags.

At Making Uncovered she will be showing how to make fabric headbands for children and adults, and how to make the best use of your leftover fabrics by turning them into coin purses.


What do you like about your art/craft? Why did you get into it?

I love the fact that I have free rein to bring an idea or vision to life and that my customers appreciate what I do. I got into it because I thoroughly enjoy designing and making clothes and accessories and I come alive when I do – can’t help myself.

Why are you taking part in making uncovered?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people and share what I do and engage others in the actual making process, which ordinarily would be behind the scenes. People usually see the finished produce and not the making process.

What will you be teaching people and why should they sign up? 

I’ll be running short, 20-minute workshops showing people how to make little purses and simple headbands that could also be used as a neckpiece. If you’ve got strips of material lying about in the house and you want to do something that’s simple, quick and fun to give to friends, with that added personal touch (you made it), then come along.



Add some fun, fizz and aroma to your bath time whilst learning a new craft

100_1038 (1)
Cheeky Suds makes vegan-friendly, unusual and fun bath and body cosmetics, and was started by Chloe Morais from Brixton.

At Making Uncovered on 20 April Chloe will be showing how to make body products and teaching a workshop. 

What do you like about your craft – and how did you get into it?

I started working on body products because I wanted a change of career and longed to do something more creative than what I was previously doing.

The thing I love about cosmetics is that it gives me a chance to be creative in terms of design, fragrances and product ranges. I can make anything, from soaps, lip balms and body scrubs to bath melts, creamers and soufflés. The possibilities are endless so I can always explore and add new products to my range.

I recently made soap for my brother that smells of freshly mown grass because he loves the smell. Chocolate is another favourite!

Why are you taking part in Making Uncovered?

I’m taking part because I’d like to share my craft and creativity with people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to try it for themselves. It’s also a nice way to meet lots of other crafts and local people and give something back to the community.

What will you be teaching at your workshop?

I am doing a workshop on making bath bombs. If you want to add some fun, fizz and sweet aroma to your bath time whilst learning a new craft, then my workshop will be a great place to be!

Bath bombs make bathing fun and fizzy – and smell lovely. They also make a fantastic gift to give to someone else.

Chloe’s workshop is at 11am at Making Uncovered / Brixton East Gallery, lasts 1.5 hours and costs £15. There are 6 spaces. The price includes ingredients and packaging, and you’ll be able to take everything home with you. You can book your space on Eventbrite: http://makinguncoveredworkshops.eventbrite.co.uk/

Letterpress: 15th century art in 21st century London

Rachel Stanners of PricklePress explains her craft and her workshop at Making Uncovered on 20 April.

Tell us about letter-pressing – what do you like about it and what brought you to doing it?

Letterpress dates back to the fifteenth century. It is an old, tactile craft that requires time, focus and skill to design and typeset faultlessly, master the machinery and produce a perfect print. Each piece of card is fed through the press, piled and cut by hand. The result is something you will instantly want to stroke, collect, frame or gift away.


I took up letterpress printing in 2009 when my partner and I bought a small hand-operated Adana letterpress. Although I found the amount of time and detail that went into every print run exhausting it was always worth the effort!

Until I tried letterpress I had never given so much time to one craft and it’s been rewarding to see my skill improve over the years.

Why are you taking part in Making Uncovered on 20 April?

I’d love to share the craft of letterpress. Some people have heard of letterpress but most don’t understand how it works or why letterpress goods are expensive.

rise and shine

I spend so much time explaining letterpress that when an opportunity came along to actually show people how it works I jumped at the chance. It’s not until you see a letterpress in action that you understand why it’s so special.

What will you be teaching people and why should they sign up?

I am going to be doing a few demonstrations throughout the day but I also want to use this opportunity to make letterpress accessible.

So, I’m giving a couple of people the chance to learn how to letterpress and print their own postcard designs: anything from a fun postcard to save-the-dates, birthday invitations, birth announcements.


You can design them yourself, ask me to help or use vintage wooden type to create something truly unique. On the day we will ink up the press and print up to fifty postcards on 100% cotton card.

It will cost between £30-150, depending on the complexity of your design. The price includes all the material costs. There’s only two spaces available so get in quick! Please get in touch before April 10 if you are interested.

To start your letterpress project and book a workshop space at Making Uncovered please contact rachel [at] pricklepress.co.uk


Try out willow-weaving and make your own plant climber! Naughty Magpie at Making Uncovered



Brixton’s very own willow-weaver Sarah Lovett talks about her craft and her show at Making Uncovered on 20 April.

Tell us about your venture

I am interested in permaculture and sustainability. Four years ago I planted 600 willows in West Somerset. I call my venture Naughty Magpie Willows.

Every year in the winter while the plants are dormant I cut them all down and sort the slender wands into bundles. It is hard work but satisfying.


I then have a crop of green willow, which can be planted and grow into structures like tunnels, wigwams and domes. It can also be woven into various useful things for the house and garden.

What will you be showing at Making Uncovered?

I am very pleased to be able to share my skills with you!

I will be introducing my one of a kind bean climber – an obelisk frame which you can grow lovely orange runner bean flowers up, or clematis, cucumbers or morning glories. It is suitable for the garden, balcony or patio, and helps make the most of a small space to grow vegetables or flowers.

will obs 1

While you are waiting for the plants to grow, you can hang a bird feeder in the top and watch the little birds fertilise your bean plants while they peck the food.

All you need to do is to find a big container, or plant pot, fill it with soil, plant your beans in it and plonk the frame over the top, you might have to tie it on in case its windy. Make sure it is watered and soon you will have a feature covered in free food!

I will also have with me large willow hearts designed to decorate the wall, bringing the outside inside. The hearts look fantastic on a feature wall in the living room, great as a notice board in the kitchen, or a hanger in the hallway.


Make your own plant climber!

If you would like to make a plant climber for yourself, or as a present for someone else, book your place at my workshop at Making Uncovered – there are only eight places.

I will demonstrate the easy to follow technique and then you can choose a dozen willow wands and begin to make your own climber with a little help from me. It is a lot of fun. Don’t worry about it being too big to carry, the structure collapses like an umbrella when you take the ring out of the bottom, so you have a long bundle and a ring to carry. More fun on the bus!

This activity is for adults. If you have a pair of secateurs bring them, but I have a few pairs we can use.

You can book your place at the workshop here.


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Make and remake at the Lambeth Country Show

We are very excited about the Lambeth Country Show this year! It’s our favourite event in London by far – so much so that we launched Makerhood at the show last year.

This year, we’re teaming up with our wonderful friends at the Remakery to showcase the two projects and to encourage you to get involved in some very hands-on making activities.

So come and join in, meet some of your local makers and have fun while being creative! No experience necessary – we’ll provide materials, support and encouragement.

Location: Cultivate Area – between the Farm Zone and the Charities Area, Brockwell Park.

Art – Saturday 15 September, 2-4pm

With Elena Blanco (Makerhood)

Unfold the artist within you at this fun art workshop for all ages. It’s about celebrating art, community and life!

Making flower essences – Saturday 15 September, 12-2pm and 4-6pm

With Andry Anastasiou (Makerhood)

Need to relax, feel more courageous or clearer about your next steps in life? Come along to our mini flower essence workshop and take part in our  interactive card game  to help you  choose a  flower essence:  ‘relax and let go’, ‘finding your way with goals ‘ or ‘courage’ flower essence blends.

Knitting and crochet – Sunday 16 September, 12-2pm

With Viv Moriarty and Karen Martin (Makerhood)

A drop-in knitting and crochet workshop – all ages and abilities welcome!

If you’ve been dying to learn how to knit or crochet, or if you’re an expert who wants to try something experimental, come and join us.

Tetra Pak wallets – Sunday 16 September, 2-6pm

With Emma Milne (Remakery)

Remade in Brixton is all about zero waste, and ensuring sustainable, wise use of all our resources. Want to learn how to make something useful from old packaging? Come along to learn how to make wallets from used cartons. They are beautiful and bright, very durable and make lovely little gifts!

See you there!