“Super useful visual merchandising workshop”

That was the verdict of one of the participants in this workshop, run specially for south London makers by Metamorphosis Group and hosted by Makerhood partner WBC.


Not only was the course great value – less than half the normal price – but it was tailored specifically to the needs of makers who are more concerned with setting up market stalls and trade stands than with permanent shops (though we did have one attendee, Anita Thorpe from Diverse, who runs a gift shop in Brixton).

Ellie Kidson from Metamorphosis ran through the basics, including layout, traffic flow, colour, symmetry, size and shape, “heroing” and framing. So much to think about, but she made it fun and interesting with plenty of examples of real life stalls. She also had specific ideas of how to apply these principles to the products that we were selling.


Then it was time to have a go ourselves. The task was made even more fun by the range of beautiful WBC props and accessories we were surrounded by, from old sledges and wicker baskets of all kinds to stylish stacking units and wooden bowls.

metamorphosis2 metamorphosis3

Thanks to Ellie’s constructive criticism, we finally narrowed down the huge range of possibilities to come up with some impressive displays.

Then it was time for a quick discussion on resources and suppliers before heading out into the cold November rain…

Other feedback from participants:

  • “Such a great afternoon!”
  • “Brilliant event – thanks for the opportunity!”
  • “So inspiring!”

Huge thanks to Metamorphosis and WBC for an excellent event that supports local makers.



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