Diverse Makerhood Festive Showcase 2018

The Diverse Makerhood Festive Showcase will run from 1 – 31 December 2018. On the launch day of 1 December customers will be offered free drinks and nibbles while they browse.

Diverse is at 390 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LF. If you can’t get there in person, have a look at their new website!

This year the following makers are taking part:

Machine knitter and felt maker Prilly Lewis designs and makes beautiful clothing, home ware and accessories. Using British spun lambswool, all items are originally created from her central London studio.

Artist and maker Gabriela Szulman creates pictures, greeting cards, jewellery and decorative objects with images inspired by memory, nostalgia and a love of everything vintage. She also runs regular workshops in her south London studio.

Cecilia Washburn is a textile designer and illustrator who studied fashion design, specialising in printed textiles, at Ravensbourne in London. She has since been working in the fashion industry as a textile designer and continues to do so alongside producing original artwork, prints, stationery and cards.

Snezana Nikolic of Y Kairos tailors beautiful clothes for children that she sells at craft markets and by working to private commission. The clothes are lined and use high quality fabrics that mean your child will have a look of distinct class. She also makes baby accessories.

Annie Crimp is a mosaic artist, making mosaics for the home and garden. She loves to upcycle and uses all manner of materials, from car windscreen glass to broken jewellery – in fact anything she can lay my hands on! She also has a jewellery range which she makes using old damaged vintage china.

Miri Shalom came across gorgeous druzy crystals in 2015 and was instantly totally enamoured by their raw beauty and the fact that each crystal was unique in its shape and size. This opened up a whole new world as she started learning about the meanings of all the different types of crystals, and their healing properties.This was the perfect route to take her passion for jewellery making to a deeper and more spiritual level. Collections feature crystals, hand-crochet, tassels and intricate bead work.

Amy Rose Tucker of A.R.T Designs has been hand making personalised and bespoke frames for happy customers since 2011. All frames are handmade with love to the highest quality, using sustainable materials. Each one is unique and is as special to her as it is to her customers.

“Reuse, remake, relove” is the motto of Kim Winter of Flextiles. Her interest in sustainability led her to start upcycling, creating one-off pieces by buying items from charity shops and overdyeing with indigo using resist dyeing techniques. Each piece is different, so she doesn’t get bored, and her buyers know they are getting something unique. The charities benefit – and so does the environment, as extending the life of a garment by an extra nine months reduces its environmental impact by 20-30%.

Catherine Rose’s festive pom poms and ceramic tile coasters are sure to brighten up your home this Christmas.

Makerhood Diverse showcase 2018

Makerhood @ Diverse Gift Shop

We’re delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with Diverse in Brixton again for a Makerhood Festive Showcase from 1 – 31 December 2018.

This is a great opportunity for makers to work with a local retailer and have their work highlighted in an exclusive section of the shop. Items are on a sale or return basis, and Diverse will take 35% commission on anything sold. Participating makers will also be required to pay £10 towards marketing and a launch event.

There are only 12 places available this year, due to restricted space. Applicants must be members of Makerhood and must be able to provide good quality photos and descriptions for their products as Diverse will also be selling online.

To apply, please email info@diversegifts.co.uk.

Closing date for applications 14 October. All candidates will be notified by 31 October.

Support local makers at Diverse Makerhood Festive Showcase 2017

The Makerhood Festive Showcase at Diverse kicks off, appropriately enough, on Small Business Saturday, 2 December, and runs until 6 January.

As usual, there’s a splendid and varied range of local makers taking part, so why not shop local this Christmas, knowing that you are encouraging local creativity and supporting local business?


Machine knitter and felt maker Prilly Lewis designs and makes beautiful clothing, home ware and accessories.

Using British lambswool, all items are originally created from her central London studio.

Whilst maintaining an individualistic quirkiness, she is able to remain true to her own style yet flexible enough to respond to the particular needs of individual commissions or outlet requirements.

The Ray was founded by sisters Issy and Abi. They make modern luxe homeware and accessories, printed and sewn by hand in our south London studio.

Their practice is constantly evolving, but they love creating research-led print designs that tell a story and that look beautiful.

Kim Winter of Flextiles specialises in upcycling. She buys garments and accessories in charity shops and overdyes them with indigo, using a technique called shibori (like sophisticated tie dye).

This means that all her products are one-offs. This makes it more interesting for her, customers know they are getting something unique, and the charity shops and environment benefit too – so everyone wins!

The hand printed metallic card holders by Anna Jackson of Black Cactus London are made from recycled leather and perfect for carrying your credit cards and travel cards.

The texture and colour combination in each piece is a one-off. And it is different colours on each side, as pictured.

Each piece comes with a little card of uniqueness and makes a thoughtful gift for those who enjoy ethical fashion.


Uche Akiti of Mya and Joe is a small independent handmade jewellery, craft and gift supplier. She is passionate about individuality and joyful expression of self. Her love of experimenting with shapes, colours and textures leads to the creation of her pieces.

Shirley Nelson of artigianajewellery makes limited edition handmade pieces, often one off, in sterling silver, gold, acrylic, resin, precious and semi-precious stones.

As she works full time, jewellery is her passion project and a form of meditation – a time allowed to focus on something that gives her so much enjoyment and where from the depths of her imagination the idea for a ring, necklace etc can spring.

From a very young age, Miri Shalom of Tiana Jewel was mesmerised by craft and design. Today, crystals have become her intimate passion, and Tiana Jewel was named after her beautiful daughter.

Miri always seeks out the best sources for her crystal collections, each piece being hand picked for its raw beauty and unique healing properties.

Annie Crimp‘s jewellery range is made from old damaged vintage china. She just loves the thought that small broken pieces can be put together again to make a beautiful whole to be treasured anew.

Each one of her pieces is original, unique and one of a kind.

At age 5, Carol Cole of Darcy & Jazz used to secretly go into her mother’s jewellery box and play dress up.  Pearls, gold and silver bangles, dressing rings, gate bracelet, gold creole earrings is where her lingering obsession started.

She finds inspiration visits from all around but mostly from her cultural ancestral legacy, and what it means to be Black in this world; nature, music, art, fabrics, and individuals also inspire her.


A.R.T Designs by Amy Rose Tucker is an innovative jewellery and giftware brand offering a wide range of irresistible design led and personalised products using vintage, recycled, up-cycled and sustainable materials.

All the products are handmade with love, bringing individuality, charm and character into their customers’ worlds.

Gabriela Szulman creates prints and collages, jewellery, scarves and greeting cards with images inspired by memory, nostalgia and a love of everything vintage.

Her work is often humorous and whimsical – unless her romantic side takes over and then we enter into a fairy-tale territory of old-fashioned script, pages of books and music scores populated by chivalrous gentlemen, glamorous ladies, butterflies and rabbits.

Kaylene Alder‘s limited edition screen prints were developed to support the work of Peace Direct, an international charity dedicated to stopping wars, one person at a time. 10% of sales from this work will go directly to Peace Direct in order help them support local organisations in areas where there is conflict, to combat the root causes and offer people another way.

All of the plants in the prints have healing properties and the pots have adapted peace symbols on them to subliminally make you think about peace in a sneaky way!

Kes Young of Heart in Art is a mosaic and face painting artist.

As well as running popular workshops she also makes beautiful handmade mosaic door number plaques, mirrors and homeware that are one of a kind created from the heart.


Akeisha Walters is a multimedia artist whose Brixton prints also adorn T-shirts and greetings cards.

Cecilia Washburn is a lover of wildlife and all things colourful and unexpected. She spends her time intricately studying wildlife to create colourful, bold yet painterly and intricate illustrations and repeat patterns.

Her products are all made on recycled paper and are designed with high attention to detail and so that the illustrations will be treasured, perhaps framed and have longevity to them – her cards are more than just a card.


Catherine Rose‘s festive pom poms and ceramic tile coasters are sure to brighten up your home this Christmas.

Sue Smith comes from a design background, working in fine art, advertising, films, TV, prop making, shop windows and interior decoration.

She takes her own designs digitally printed and turns them into cushions, lampshades, blinds and curtains.

Sue also facilitates art workshops for children and adults.



Snezana Nikolic of Y Kairos tailors beautiful clothes for children. The clothes are lined and use high quality fabrics that mean your child will have a look of distinct class. She also makes baby accessories.

Durability and quality are her priorities because she wants each garment to be passed from generation to generation – to be sustainable.

The handmade crocheted hats made by Boyz Can Wear Pink Too challenge the stereotypical view that pink is only a feminine or girly colour, and give a chance to everyone to wear this colour and feel comfortable.

By making and selling predominantly pink hats, they want to spread a message that the various shades of pink are great colours, and that colour has no gender! Pink can be stylish, pink can be smart, pink can be funky, for girls AND boys!

Diverse is at 390 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LF.

Diverse Festive Showcase 2017

The Makerhood showcase at Diverse, the independent gift shop in Brixton, will run again this Christmas, from 2 December to 6 January.

Anita Thorpe, who owns Diverse, has always been a great supporter of local makers, giving many of them their first experience of selling through a retailer. So if you have never sold through a retailer, this is a great opportunity to dip your toe in the water. (Previous sellers are welcome back too!) Anita is very patient and gives useful feedback about your work and how the process works.

Items are taken on a sale or return basis, with 35% commission. If you are selected to take part you will also need to pay £10 donation towards the cost of marketing and drinks for the preview event.

To apply, send email to info@diversegifts.co.uk with sample images or a link to your website/social media. Include retail price details. State MAKERHOOD FESTIVE SHOWCASE in subject box.

Closing date for applications: midnight on Tuesday 31 October.

Gift ideas from local makers

Why not support local creativity by buying your presents from local makers this year? You’ll also have the pleasure of knowing that your gift is likely to be unique and won’t be found anywhere else on the high street! Here are a few ideas..

Jewellery and accessories

Zahara crystal earrings by Vintage Rose JewelleryZahara Crystal Earrings
These gorgeous earrings comprise two druzy crystals, electroplated in 24k gold and measure approximately 7cm in length. A druzy is made up of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of a stone.

Available in blue, black and green, please note shape and size of crystals may vary.
Price £35

Available from Vintage Rose Jewellery



Zahara Long Necklace by Vintage Rose Jewellery

Zahara Long Necklace
This gorgeous long necklace comprises a druzy crystal with a ball chain.This necklace measures approximately 44cm in length. Available in pink, purple, green, blue and black. Please note shape and size of crystals may vary. Price £29
Available from Vintage Rose Jewellery

Emerald green necklace by Elena Hall

Emerald green necklace
Gorgeous emerald green hand knitted necklace in green enamelled copper and emerald embroidery thread. This statement piece adds colour to any outfit, looking great with muted shades and brights alike. It really is a one of a kind necklace
Price: £55

Available from www.elenahall.co.uk


Printed Geometric Leather Cuff Bangle Bracelet by Foxtrot Designs


Printed geometric leather cuff
Hand printed leather bangle – inspired by geometric fabric patterns. The bangle is light to wear and being leather is strong too. Will fit most common wrist sizes – between 6.5 to 7 inches. Toggle clasp.
Price: £30

Available from www.foxtrotdesigns.co.uk

'Umbags' and (up)cycle seat covers


Umbags are created out of the fabric from discarded umbrellas. Stylish, strong, lightweight and water-resistant, they are designed to be kept with you at all times to avoid the need for a plastic bag.
Price: £10

(Up)cycle seat covers
Re-cycle seat covers are also made from discarded umbrella fabric. They are elasticated with waterproof-taped seams and will fit most bike saddles.
Price: £10

Both products can be bought from www.bluepatch.org or a wider selection is available at Diverse Gifts, 390 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LF.

Indigo shibori scarves

Flextiles’ scarves are hand dyed with indigo using the Japanese shibori technique ( a kind of sophisticated tie dye). Because the scarves are upcycled, each one is unique and you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment!
Price: From £25

Available from Etsy




Home and children
Jewels / Keys Decorative Holder by dis Badeth!Jewels / Keys Decorative Holder
Wood covered in a colourful cotton fabric, with a contrasting ric rac braid at the front. Four cup hooks screwed at the bottom of the canvas offer enough space for your keys or necklaces.
Price: £22

Available from www.disbadeth.com

Bedding Set for Doll Bed by dis Badeth!Bedding set for doll’s bed
This pretty soft bedding with an all-over colourful design is made of cotton, and the pillow is stuffed with foam. The perfect gift for your little sweetheart and her dolly.
Price: £22

Available from www.disbadeth.com





The Sea A2 Screen Print by Kaylene Alder


The Sea A2 screen print
This is a screen print of an original illustration inspired by Byron. Of course dahhhlllinng – Byron!
Price: £40 plus postage

Available from www.kaylenealder.com




Cat Bowl Canoe - A4 Screen Print by Kaylene Alder



Cat Bowl Canoe – A4 screen print
This is a screen print of an original illustration from the ‘Ships in Small Water’ series.
Price: £25 plus postage

Available from www.kaylenealder.com



Art print 'considering mermaid' by Sarah O Sarah

Art print ‘considering mermaid’
Intellectual mermaid stops to have a think about what presents to buy her beloved. The Scoop frame is made from solid wood measuring 1.06″ wide x 1.06″ deep. Premium shatterproof acrylic protects the art print, while an acid free dust cover on the back provides a custom finish. Includes wall hanging hardware. Paper size 10″ x 8″. Printed area 7″ x 6″.
Price: £22

Available from society6.com

Art print 'moondance' by Sarah O Sarah

Art print ‘moondance’
It’s a wonderful night for a moondance 😉 Original art hand cut paper collage on black heavyweight cartridge 14.8 cm x 21cm. Unframed. Packaged inside cellophane envelope with mount board & packaged well enough to reach you in impeccable condition.
Price: £95

Available from www.sarahosarah.com

London neighbourhood tea towels by Ray Stanbrook

London neighbourhood tea towels
These colourful and fun illustrated tea towels celebrate London locations from the Barbican and Brixton to Tooting and Walthamstow and make the perfect affordable gift for your London based friends and family.

Price: £8
Available from etsy.com

Little Angel 1 by Aneta Sroden Little Angel 1 and Little Angel 2

Acrylic on canvas painting size:25x30cm.

Price: £85

Contact Aneta via email on anetart@ymail.com or send a message through www.anetart.com for more information or to buy a painting.

Little Angel 2 by Aneta Srodon

Introducing Rock, Paper, Scissors

Outside of Rock, Paper, Scissors shop at L'Arche LondonA little less than two months ago we advertised an opportunity for our makers to be involved in a community-oriented pop-up shop in West Norwood over the Christmas period. This post describing the shop is by one of the makers involved, Annahita Mansoori, who creates luxury printed stationery under the name of CL.AM Correspondence.




Rock Paper Scissors is a new pop-up retail space, shared by a collective of local creatives looking to showcase their wares, and be a part of the blossoming West Norwood art and design community. The pop-up is a collaborative partnership between Makerhood and West Norwood’s sustainable community project The Openworks, and is kindly hosted by learning disability charity L’arche at No. 9-13 West Norwood High Street.

The pop-up retail space enables local crafters through to new start-ups, to experienced entrepreneurs a chance to sell to the public in a shop environment, gaining invaluable skills and feedback, while feeling supported as part of a collective. From designer/makers, to photographers, to stationery and craft-there is a host of beautiful handmade wares on offer from over 20 local makers. We are also delighted to now be selling West Norwood Feast merchandise, alongside handmade cards and candles by the L’arche community.

Handmade goods for sale at Rock, Paper, ScissorsThere will be creative workshops run from L’arche with ‘The Stitch’ already well underway for all budding sewers. Run by local sewing enthusiast Tara every Saturday 11am-1pm, this is a chance to sew, knit, tailor, upholster or craft at any ability, while having a gossip with fellow stitch fans!


Candles by L'Arche LondonWith Christmas now under a month away, the shop will be open from 10am-4pm Thursday-Sunday and is the perfect stop-off for unique and original handmade gifts. So this year please support your local community, boycott corporate retail, and #shoplocal for your nearest and dearest!


Handmade fox in Rock, Paper, ScissorsWe’ll be taking part in Small Business Saturday on 6/7 December and we’re hosting a launch party from 18.30 – 20.30 on Wednesday 3 December so there are plenty of chances for you to pop in, meet some of the makers and do your Christmas shopping – hope you can join us!


For upcoming Xmas events and news follow us on Twitter @RPS_SE27 or on Facebook www.facebook.com/RockPaperScissors.SE27 

All photos ©RunnyCustard

10% off at Diverse preview shopping evening

diverse-xmas-cropTo launch our Christmas promotion with giftshop Diverse in Brixton, we’re delighted to announce a special preview shopping evening on Thursday 6 November, 5-8pm, offering a 10% discount on all items from Makerhoodies!

This year the Makerhood/Diverse Christmas promotion, which runs from 7 November to 4 January, features 21 Makerhood members – the largest number ever. The goods on offer are, um, diverse, ranging from prints and beauty products to jewellery and accessories.

opianOpian accessories, including bags, tops and jewellery, are made out of organic, recycled, retrieved, off-cuts or re-used materials, in order to limit the negative impact on the environment.

anetaAneta Snodon is an artist with a passion for abstract dot painting and photography.

elena hallElena Hall Jewellery combines age-old techniques with bright and modern hues, to create contemporary, structured and bold jewellery.

flextilesFlextiles takes upcycled scarves and overdyes them using indigo resist techniques to produce unique, beautiful accessories.

wolle hideWolle +Hide products combine wool, leather and sheepskin together creating tactile, useable bags and purses.

gabriela2Gabriela Szulman blends a fusion of painting and digital media – acrylic, watercolour and ink with digital print – to create limited edition prints, cards, jewellery and silk scarves.

red faceRed Faces All Round sells limited edition prints in a bold graphic style, depicting London and beyond.

black cactusBlack Cactus London makes bags from hand printed fabrics inspired by the everyday beauty around us in both our natural and urban environments.

hairy jayneHairy Jayne brews her own range of hair products at a little studio in Brixton, inspired by traditional hair care remedies used worldwide.

kayleneKaylene Alder is a freelance illustrator and screenprinter who produces a quirky range of cards and prints, many based on local scenes.

louise kamaraLouise Kamara is a curator and designer working in the field of sustainable and locally produced design.

annie crimpAnnie Crimp makes mosaics and jewellery from upcycled materials, including car windscreen glass, broken jewellery and vintage china.

pauline hinksonPauline Hinkson creates natural body products and old fashioned natural juices, “just like my Mum used to make”.

clamCL.AM Correspondence specialises in luxury printed stationery, inspired by fashion, design and travel.

prillyPrillywear makes a range of clothing and accessories by knitting and felting lambs wool.

dreamyDreamy Me offers unique custom illustrations, personalised prints, original artwork and contemporary art downloads.

runnycustard avatar circle BWRunny Custard sells prints and other items, including textiles and jewellery, that feature her photography.

judith-bartlett2Judith Bartlett is an upholsterer who also offers a range of soft furnishings and bold patterned T-shirts.

caddee profileCaddee hand makes origami jewellery pieces and then paints them with resin.

nicoletteNicolette McGowan sells handmade artwork and jewellery and also prints designs on T-shirts, hoodies and jumpers.

vintage roseVintage Rose creates unique handmade boho-chic jewellery, inspired by the Mediterranean, nature and life.

Diverse is at 390 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LF. The special preview shopping evening is on Thursday 6 November, 5-8pm – everyone welcome!

Make Your Own Christmas: meet the impresario (and find out the line up)

UntitledMusician Andrew Clarke is Makerhood’s sometime impresario and was the brains behind the amazing entertainment programme at our Making Uncovered event last April. We’ve twisted his arm again to choose the musicians and performers who’ll be getting us into the party mood at Make Your Own Christmas. We caught up with Andrew to find out what to expect.

Why are you involved with Makerhood’s Christmas event?

I have been involved with Makerhood from the beginning. I helped to run origami workshops for children at the Lambeth County Fair in 2011 – the weekend Makerhood was launched. We all support a community in the best ways we can, and these things are different for all of us. I am terrible at making, but I can help organise events and I can perform at them, and I am very happy to support the amazing makers of Makerhood as often as I can.

What is the line-up and what are you looking forward to on the day?

The Pop-Up choir filled the huge space of the Brixton East gallery at Making Uncovered earlier this year, and they will be kicking off the entertainments at our Christmas party in similar style. It is a wonderful thing to have so many voices sing for you in a space, unfiltered by distance or by crackly sound systems. This will be a real treat.


Jane Ruby is also playing. Jane is a bit of a Brixton legend and, when she played at Making Uncovered with just her guitar, her voice and her stories of local life, she was the only person who could have followed the 20-piece Pop Up Choir and still won the crowd over. She’s marvellous, and we’re super-happy that she is playing for us again.


Next up are the Yada Yada Allstars, with Alex Fradera and four of the fabulous C3467X team – Carleen Macdermid, John Agapiou, Juliet Stephens and Shem Pennant.  There is a special electricity in the air with improv comedy that comes from both the audience and the performers having no idea what is going to happen next. This means everyone in the room is together and in the moment in the same way. This makes every discovery, and extreme silliness, that happens all the funnier. I can’t wait.

John and Juliet

Finally, we’ve got Gaia Marcus and A P Clarke. OK, this is me… I will excuse myself from commenting on my own abilities, but Gaia is a wonderfully soulful blues and folk singer who has been honing her craft around the London scene for the past few years and she’ll be singing a few standards and a few seasonal songs as the sun sets behind us. It should be an excellent afternoon!

You can book your free ticket here: http://makeyourchristmas.eventbrite.co.uk/

Gaia and Andrew

Images of Jane Ruby, Gaia Marcus and Andrew Clarke are by Andy Broomfield

Image of Julia and Alex are by Luke & Michael


Makers in the Hood

MITH CollageThis Christmas, Brixton giftshop Diverse is showcasing Brixton creative talent through its “Makers in the Hood” event.

There are 16 makers taking part, offering a wide range of hand-made products, such as artwork, toys, natural products, jewellery, accessories and more. The event runs until the end of the year.

Many of the makers taking part are members of Makerhood; in fact, the idea for Makers in the Hood came about because there are so many local makers wanting to sell their products through local shops.

Diverse’s owner, Anita Thorpe, says: “This is a ‘win-win situation’ for everyone, as many of my customers are looking for something unique and prefer to buy local if they can.”

In addition to having products for sale, each day one maker will have a special offer and be profiled in the Diverse blog.

You can read more about Makers in the Hood and see participants’ profiles by visiting Diverse’s website and blog.

Foxtrot Designs on Makerhood stall

A few weeks ago we ran a survey among our makers asking about how they had benefited from joining Makerhood and which benefits they valued the most.

As an incentive to get people to answer we offered free space on our stall at Brixton Makers’ Market on 8 December.

We can now announce that the winner is…Nancy Sealy of Foxtrot Designs UK! Nancy is based in Brixton and makes a range of handmade gifts using a wide variety of materials, including recycled leather, clay, fabric, yarn and more.

She also supplies beautiful ethical yarn – great if you’re into knitting, crocheting or any type of textile or fibre arts.

Tomorrow we’ll have a range of Nancy’s handcrafted earrings and buttons, as well as spectacle cases and purses made from recycled leather – all perfect stocking fillers!

We’re going to be very busy tomorrow, as we’re also giving space to the Brixton Society, which will be offering a guided tour of the market at 2.30pm. So come down to Brixton Makers’ Market on Station Road tomorrow and have a look!